It is said that the IQ of women in love is zero, but the IQ of new parents is also zero when the sexual desire is high. Postpartum sex, contraception is necessary, but sometimes the brain is out of control, new parents use some more “interesting” contraceptive methods, so contraceptive failure. Postpartum contraceptive methods should not be careless, because the new mother’s body can’t play a joke, the new father and new mother still use scientific contraceptive methods to save heart, rest assured and reassure.

Don’t try these contraception methods

1. Abstinence and contraception

The success rate is high, but all the fun is lost. It’s the dumbest way, the least desirable.

2. Accidental sexual intercourse and contraception

According to incomplete statistics, the most common reason for the flow of women is the existence of fluke mentality. It is not so easy to conceive, and the chance of one-time life pregnancy is very low. This is a very wrong view, every one-time life has the risk of pregnancy, do not have a fluke mentality.

3. Menstrual contraception

One of the simplest facts is that menstruation can also ovulate. Maybe most people will not be pregnant during menstruation, but if you are that few? Some women may ovulate even during menstruation. And don’t forget that sperm can survive up to eight days in the vagina. However, in addition to the possibility of unwanted pregnancies during menstruation, sexual intercourse is prohibited during menstruation.

4. Lactation contraception

If you let your guard down because you are breastfeeding, there may be situations that make you regret. According to the survey, 5% to 10% of pregnant women are pregnant in lactation. After childbirth, the action of sucking the nipple can reflexively inhibit the mother’s hypothalamus, thus inhibiting ovarian ovulation. Using the characteristics of anovulation can play a contraceptive role. But this approach is also unreliable. Because if the baby sucks the nipple to reduce, the milk secretion quantity to reduce, the milk concentration to reduce, or stops the lactation, or when the parturient is affected by the environment, the climate, the mood change and the sexual life, the inhibition of the raw milk hormone to the gonadotropin weakens, the ovary will resume the function from the rest state during the lactation period, discharges the mature egg, from then on gradually restores the menstrual cycle.

Breastfeeding mothers do not know: Generally speaking, women ovulate first and then menstruate for 2 weeks. Due to the characteristics of “ovulation first, menstruation later”, some women may be pregnant before menstruation in the future.


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