There are many kinds of sexual intercourse after childbirth, generally including the following:

• how long can sexual intercourse take place after the birth of a child? How long can you have sexual intercourse after caesarean section?

• what are the precautions for sexual intercourse after childbirth? What should we pay attention to when having sexual intercourse for the first time after childbirth?

• can we have sexual intercourse during puerperium?

• does sexual intercourse after childbirth lead to pregnancy?

• what about pain during sexual intercourse after delivery?

Generally speaking, if a new mother gives birth naturally, she cannot have sexual intercourse during the puerperium, because the endometrium of the new mother needs to be repaired. After the puerperal period, you can have sexual intercourse after you have done relevant examinations and have a good recovery. In theory, if the new mother has no major physical problems after the puerperium, it is OK to have sexual intercourse. However, considering that the vaginal lining after delivery is still very fragile and still needs to be restored, it is generally recommended that sexual intercourse be carried out 2 months after delivery.

If a new mother is delivered by caesarean section, because the wound healing process takes a long time, it is not appropriate for such new mothers to resume their married life too early, otherwise it will cause great damage to the knife edge, and even seriously threaten the health of the new mother. This recovery process will take at least 3 months, before which it is inappropriate to have sex.

| here, tell the new mothers and fathers that the following times are not suitable for sexual intercourse, get?

Don’t get tired of sex

Sexual life needs to consume a certain amount of physical strength and energy. When you are mentally or physically tired, sexual life often fails to reach a climax and can not achieve satisfactory results for both parties. In particular, having sex immediately after tiredness will damage your health.

Don’t be in a bad mood

Some couples manage to have sex when one of them is in a bad mood, which will not only lead to a harmonious sex life, but also make the other party in a bad mood feel disgusted. If it happens repeatedly, it will lead to the frigidity of the woman or the impotence of the man.


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