During delivery, some mothers will perform lateral episiotomy in order to successfully deliver the baby. The body “scissors,” in addition to the pain women have to experience, take a while to recover, the new mothers have unspeakable hidden – that is, after lateral episiotomy sex. Some people after lateral episiotomy not only will not affect the postpartum sexual intercourse, on the contrary, it is also conducive to the early recovery of postpartum sexual intercourse. However, contrary to expectations, many new mothers have had more first intimacy with Papa after a lateral episiotomy.

How long can I have sexual intercourse after cutting?

The premise of sexual intercourse after incision is wound healing. Lateral incision wound is not as long as we imagined, because the perineum is rich in blood vessels, blood circulation is good, blood flow is also sufficient, so the wound healing ability is very strong. Less severe perineal wounds do not ache for 3 to 4 days. The incision usually grows well and the thread is removed in 5 or 6 days. So, if the mother cares properly, the incision will usually heal in a week.

However, if a wound is infected, it can be extended to more than 20 days, so it is very important to prevent the infection.

Wound healing is not enough, and the key is to restore the uterus.

The new mothers with lateral episiotomy usually do not have sexual intercourse within 8 weeks after delivery. If premature sexual intercourse, may cause vaginitis, endometritis, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases, to bring endless pain to the new mother. Therefore, new mothers with lateral episiotomy should not have sexual intercourse within 56 days after delivery to ensure the smooth recovery of the new mother and ensure the health of the new mother.

Different physical qualities will also affect the speed of recovery. New mothers with better physical fitness recover quickly, and the time for intercourse after lateral episiotomy can be relatively earlier, but not earlier than 6 weeks after delivery. While some mothers are weak in body condition and poor in postnatal recovery, the time for sexual intercourse is delayed.

Does lateral cut affect sexual intercourse?

There are many mothers worried about this topic. In fact, perineal incision has little effect on sexual life because the wound heals quickly and has little effect on sexual intercourse. The new mothers should eliminate the fear of perineal incision.

Will the wound tear again? No, because once the wound heals, it’s about the same as normal tissue and won’t split again. Only in the early stage of postpartum sexual intercourse, the new father’s movements should be gentle, gentle and not too rude.

Does the lateral cut relax the vagina? Because the elastic fiber in the vagina is like a rubber band, when you pull it hard with your hand, it will stretch and when you let go, it will return to its original state. Similarly, during childbirth, the fetal head will expand the elastic fibers in the vagina. After delivery, the elastic fibers in the vagina contract and return to the state of prenatal care.

How can side cut resume life as soon as possible?

1. Must eat the high fiber food, forms the regular defecation habit, and many supplements moisture, eats the fresh fruit and the vegetable, drinks the fish soup, the pig hoof soup, does not eat too many meat, the spicy stimulation and the digestible food, avoids the constipation.

2. keep the vulva clean. Changing sanitary napkins to avoid wound infection can also prevent lochia from soaking in wounds. Be careful to disinfect the wound every day. It is better to wipe the vulva with the disinfectant before and after the stool.

3. Get out of bed early after childbirth, do not squat hard within a few days after the removal of thread; within a month after childbirth, the new mother does not lift weights, nor do any physical exertion of housework and exercise.

4. when the wound is oedema, the suture line is tight before removing stitches, and the pain will continue. At this time, 95% alcohol gauze or 50% Magnesium Sulfate gauze can be used for local wet and hot compress, 2 times a day. When the hot compress is applied, raise the hips a little, which is conducive to the return of body fluids.

5. When sitting and standing, the new mother should lean to the right as far as possible, and sleep in the right decubitus position, which can reduce the pain caused by the compression of the wound, but also prevent the skin from staggering. It is good for wound healing.


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