Conceived in October, the new mother turned into a new stage of life, motherhood. If couples still want to have normal sexual life as before, they should pay attention to contraception before they have menstruation after childbirth, because although menstruation does not come, the new mother has resumed ovulation, as long as ovulation is carried out, no measures of sexual life will be easy to conceive. Because your ovaries may have ovulating, and have the basic conditions of pregnancy. Many people believe that mothers in the lactation period will not be pregnant without menstruation, so no contraception at all, but the result is a pregnancy. New mothers must bear in mind that they do not think that without menstruation they can love and trust most.

Once you get pregnant within a short period of time, do you still want to get pregnant? You know, such a pregnancy, the risk of abortion. This is because the uterine wall muscle tissue has not yet returned to normal, the uterus is very soft, not easy to contract, so when doing abortion surgery easy to cause mechanical damage, excessive bleeding and uterine perforation and other complications. Especially after cesarean section, the incision on the uterine wall has healed, but because the scar replaced the original muscle tissue, it is more likely to occur in induced abortion. Therefore, pregnant women in postpartum in order to nurture good health, feeding good children, to pay special attention to contraception, must not neglect or have a fluky mind.

First choice condom

Condoms are still the best and safest way of contraception. Condom translucent soft film, after dissolution can kill sperm, placed in the vagina before intercourse can be effective contraception, vaginal ointment or suppository for external use does not affect milk secretion. After the confinement period, many new fathers and new mothers have postnatal sexual life. Therefore, new fathers and new mothers will have contraception through various ways after childbirth. The best contraceptive measure after delivery is best done in a safe, reliable and comfortable way.

Careful use of contraceptives

Oral contraceptives can be said to be one of the most comfortable contraceptive methods. It is made up of synthetic estrogen and progestin. This method has a high success rate of contraception. But it should be noted that breast-feeding mothers are not allowed to take contraceptives, because taking contraceptives will affect the regulation of endocrine, adverse to the body, but also affect the quality of breast milk.

Safe contraception

Safe contraception is a traditional method of contraception, which is to stop sexual life during ovulation. Safe-term contraception generally does not rely on external drugs and tools, you can rely solely on their own knowledge of the safety period, to achieve the purpose of contraception, so as to avoid the possible side effects of other contraceptive methods.

When women enter the lactation period after the puerperium, they usually return to normal sexual life. But because breast-feeding mothers to feed the baby, a large number of nutrients through the milk to feed the baby, energy consumption is very large, should have a good rest. Therefore, in order to improve the health of the nursing mother and the growth of the baby, the sex life should not be too frequent. We should pay more attention to contraception for couples’ sex and happiness.


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