Being a mother at first, I am naturally very excited. Even if feeding is hard and taking care of baby affects sleep, it is also hard and happy. But as the baby grows up, the body gradually recovers. Old people who have practiced closed-door for a long time are beginning to show their hands and feet to new mothers. This can not be blamed on men, in order to create a man very hard before, after a trick, let him eat vegetarian, but also saddle the horse before and after, hard work and complaint.

New Mommy can also understand her husband’s needs. But many new mothers reacted: We all worked hard, but we never felt the same again. Husband does not say, but I feel that, as if in the sexual matter is not so compatible.

No sexual interest? Identify physical or psychological problems

After the birth of the baby, the new mother or father is no longer “sexually interesting”. First of all, we need to find out the reason, is the body has not recovered? Or there are some subtle psychological changes, after all, couples are first parents. In particular, psychological dislocation directly affects the harmony of sexual life, affecting the feelings of couples.

1. Grasp the Psychological Reasons

1) Focus on the baby and ignore the husband

Postpartum as a new mother’s spirit and attention almost entirely on the baby, almost to the point of selflessness. Often neglected husband’s needs, in the performance will appear to have no interest in sexual life, no requirements. When the husband asks for sexual intercourse, there will be resistance.

2) It’s too hard to take care of the baby and lose interest in sex.

Suddenly, there are more new family members, which always affect the mother’s heart. Every move and cry of the child caught the mother by surprise. Therefore, because of the hard work of nursing the baby day and night, when the husband has the requirement of sexual life, he will also use various excuses to excuse his sexuality and show his indifference.

3) Self-regard as a meritorious minister and do not understand his husband

Some mothers will think that “if I have to work so hard to give birth to a child, you will treat me kindly and not harass me.” He takes himself as a meritorious minister and disdains his husband. This has had a certain impact on both emotions.

2. Recognize the physiological reasons

Postpartum endocrine has not yet recovered

Desire is produced by the sexual endocrine system composed of sex hormones and gonads, which maintains the basic tension and excitability of sexual desire of both sexes. The dominant hormone of female sexual desire is estrogen, also known as estrogen. If estrogen is high, sexual desire will be stronger, whereas estrogen level will be lower, and sexual desire will be reduced accordingly. After pregnancy and childbirth, estrogen levels in women need to be gradually restored. Especially in lactating women, ovarian function is inhibited, ovulation is not possible, there is no endocrine cycle, the desire for “sexual interest” is not so strong.

Beyond that, men who are new fathers are also affected. One may be that she has not been in close contact with her wife for a long time, and has a feeling of strangeness; the other may be that the mother who delivered naturally did not fully recover after delivery, and her private relaxation made her feel less “full” than before.

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Page 1: No sex? Identifying Physiological or Psychological Problems

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