When the baby was born, the focus of the family shifted from the pregnant mother to the baby. The happy and busy days are on the right track again, but the disharmony of postnatal sex has begun to haunt the new parents, and the relationship between husband and wife has even split. Postpartum women tend to have frigidity, why? In this special period, what should new parents do to regain their passion for love?

1. Postpartum frigidity – an unavoidable topic

@Lovetmy: In fact, there is almost no AA during the whole pregnancy. I wanted to make up for it after giving birth, but I am tired from taking care of the baby every day. I can’t even raise any interest at night. I also know I’m sorry for my husband, but I just have no idea and no desire

@Xiu Xiu qz019: The worry before the birth of the baby has become a fact. The body is out of shape and can’t bear to look straight at it. The waist and legs are thick and the stomach and breasts are loose. In the daytime, you can dress up carefully and cover up. At night, you can’t help feeling inferior and worried about your husband’s dislike. A little intimate contact is a little resistant, let alone love. Alas, I also think this kind of psychology is not very good. I just hope that my body will recover soon.

@There are baby bears at home: my grandparents help take care of the baby, and I am not tired at ordinary times. But love with her husband is always not smooth, and she always feels that her mood can not keep up with her. In fact, her husband has been very gentle, but she still feels particularly painful. Finally, I can’t bear to end it directly ahead of time. I’m going to have a psychological shadow. Is this also postpartum apathy?

2. Reasons for postpartum frigidity

In fact, although the problem of postpartum sex apathy is very common, we need not be too panic. Be more considerate and patient, find the root of the problem, and always find a solution.

·Low estrogen level

Women’s sexual desire is related to estrogen. When estrogen is high, sexual desire is relatively strong; If estrogen is low, sexual desire will decrease. During pregnancy, the estrogen level in the pregnant mother’s body will be in a low state to avoid orgasm caused by sexual excitement during pregnancy, which will cause uterine contraction and endanger the life safety of the fetus. After the baby is born, if the estrogen in the new mother’s body has not returned to normal in time, it is still at a low level, which will lead to the new mother’s interest and desire for sexual intercourse will be relatively less than before pregnancy, and the vaginal secretion will also be reduced, causing dryness and pain, and affecting the quality of sexual life.

·No endocrine cycle formed during lactation

During the lactation period, the ovarian function of the new mother is still inhibited, unable to ovulate temporarily, and has not formed an endocrine cycle, which will have a certain impact on the formation of sexual desire.

In addition, post-natal gynecological diseases, post-natal care for the baby, overwork during physical and mental recovery, deep pain during delivery, and psychological changes will affect the passion of the new mother for sexual intercourse after childbirth.

3. Tips for recovering passion after childbirth

·Wait for your body to recover and don’t rush to have sex. Postpartum libido inhibition generally lasts for two months, and the organs will return to normal, and the libido will gradually return to the pre-pregnancy state. Therefore, it is not advisable to have sex prematurely after childbirth, and should wait patiently for physical recovery. From 6-8 weeks after delivery, new parents can gradually try to have sex after delivery.

·The new mother should adjust her mind and take the initiative to care about her husband. Postnatal new mothers should learn to correctly handle the relationship between the baby and her husband. While taking care of the baby, don’t forget to put part of their energy on her husband, take the initiative to care for her husband and meet his needs. In daily life, consciously strengthen post-partum private exercises, and exercise PC muscles by contracting the urethra, anus and sphincter, which can enhance sexual sensitivity and improve your sexual interest.

·The husband should be considerate of his wife and awaken her sexual needs. Husbands should give their wives more consideration and tolerance, have full language support and action caress before sex, and even try different types of condoms to inject new feelings into the love process and find the interests of their wives.

For example, the Norse threaded condom, with its surface thread design, can give stereoscopic stimulation to the vagina, so that each impact will bring different satisfaction.

Another example is the Norse ice and fire condom, with peppermint lubricant added on the inner wall to bring you cool and pleasant feeling, and the thermal component added on the outer wall to make her burn enthusiasm. The alternate stimulation of hot and cold arouses the passion of sleeping!

For those who like the granular design, you can also choose the Norse granular, extra-large granular and extra-large granular PLUS condoms to double the friction in all directions and make the climax more turbulent!


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