It’s not easy for mom to conceive in October. Dad, think about it. It’s you who have a big belly. How do you feel? If you have a big belly for ten months, you still have to face greater challenges to give birth to the baby. The pain of giving birth to a child, I haven’t had time to savor it. It’s going to be puerperium. Which month is more difficult! Then, I have to feed and take care of the children. Dad, do you still have the heart to let mothers do birth control operation? If you love her, you can take the initiative to do birth control operation!

Father’s birth control operation is less harmful

Fathers use the method of birth control, is generally vasectomy. The principle of contraception is to cut off the vas deferens from the testis to the penis, so that sperm can not enter the semen and be excluded from the body. Dad, it may sound terrible, but the operation is very simple. The vas deferens is located under the scrotum, the location is shallow, easy to hook, the possibility of false ligation is small. At the same time. In addition, the incision is small, no need to enter the abdominal cavity, no obvious pain and bleeding symptoms, less or no need to sew needles. After the operation, you can go home after an hour’s rest. After two days, you can work as usual without any discomfort.

The contraceptive method adopted by mothers is the upper ring or tubal ligation; the upper ring is to put a contraceptive ring in the mother’s uterus. The first three months after the ring usually cause physical discomfort and bleeding. There is still a certain impact on the mother’s body.

Tubal ligation was performed by cutting a small opening in the lower abdomen to take out the fallopian tube, cutting off the isthmus of the fallopian tube, strapping or silver clips.

Therefore, in order to make mothers suffer less, fathers should stand up bravely. Take the responsibility of ligation.

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Page 1: 1. Father’s contraceptive operation is less harmful. Page 2: 2. Father’s ligation does not reduce his “sexual happiness”

Page 3: 3. Mother’s contraceptive failure rate is high page 4: 4. Father’s fertility can be restored after birth control

Page 1: 1. Father’s birth control operation is less harmful

Page 2: 2. Father’s “sexual happiness” is not reduced

Page 3: Third, the mother’s contraceptive failure rate is higher

Fourth, father can restore fertility after birth control


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