During the October and the month of conception, the couple were allowed to abstinence for a long time. After all kinds of pain and discomfort passed after delivery, the couple’s life gradually returned to the right path. But after pregnancy and childbirth, women have changed a lot, and the life of couples after childbirth may also be affected. How to arouse the passion of husband and wife again? What should we pay attention to when we are full of passion?

_Re-arousing the passion of husband and wife after childbirth

Some women lose their sexual interest after childbirth, which can seriously affect the couple’s feelings and even make their husbands lose their passion. How can the desire to sleep be awakened again?

1. Set aside perfectionism and face up to yourself

It is difficult for a woman to compare her body shape after giving birth to a child with that before pregnancy. After all, when she is pregnant, her stomach is stretched like a ball, and the change of her body shape is inevitable. However, mother should not be pessimistic, good postpartum care, or can let your body, face slow down the downhill speed. Face up to changes in body shape, don’t worry about fat, or even take the scar of caesarean section as their “medal” and throw down perfectionism.

2. Give Love More Time

Don’t get caught up in a circle of babies, occasionally liberating yourself and your partner, leaving time for intimacy and sex, which brings immeasurable benefits to young mothers.

Even if it’s just a couple snuggling together and relaxing, it can also make the two parties have sex more quickly. Happy sex between husband and wife is not only good for father and mother, but also good for baby. Husband and wife live in harmony, happy mood can bring more happiness to the baby.

_When you are passionate, don’t forget these four points.

Point 1: Grasp the Best Time to Rehabilitate the Life of Post-partum Couples

How long can sexual intercourse take place after delivery? Generally speaking, the recovery of uterus takes 6 weeks, and lochia will stop after 6 weeks of delivery. That is to say, if the body has recovered after 42 days of postpartum examination, sexual life can be gradually restored. However, considering that the psychological recovery time of postpartum mothers is different, it is suggested that after 2 months of postpartum, after physical and psychological recovery, sexual life should be restored.

Husbands should give their wives plenty of time to recover and be considerate of their wives. Otherwise, if the new mother is not prepared physically and psychologically, she will be prone to lack of sexual interest and resentment towards sexual life, which will not be conducive to the normal progress of husband and wife’s life in the future, and even affect their feelings.

Point 2: Love for the first time after delivery, with gentle movements

The cervix and vaginal orifice secrete less lubricant just after parturition. Because of abstinence for a long time, when sexual life is just restored, it is easy to move intensely, causing perineal tissue damage and bleeding.

Therefore, in the first love after childbirth, the husband should spend more time and thought in the “foreplay” and act gently and not impatiently. During the postpartum period, the glands lubricating the vagina often lose their normal function. When the vagina is dry and astringent, lubricants can be used.

Point 3: Postpartum vaginal relaxation can be restored by exercise

If the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation occurs in women after delivery, it will lead to the reduction of sexual stress, and also affect the husband’s interest in sexual life. Anal contraction exercise can improve vaginal relaxation by inhaling deeply and then closing the air. At the same time, anal contraction like defecation can be done 10-20 times continuously, rest for a while and then repeat. Or do urination interruption training, that is, hold back half of the urination, let the urine interrupt, wait for a while and then continue to urinate, so on.

Point 4: Restore sexual life after delivery and don’t forget contraception

Postpartum contraception is a link that many young couples tend to overlook, especially when menstruation has not yet recovered, people often think that contraception is unnecessary. In fact, there will be an ovulation before menstruation. If you have sex during ovulation, you may become pregnant. Even if your baby is only a month or two after birth or is still in lactation, you can’t take it lightly. Therefore, the resumption of postpartum sexual life begins, it is necessary to start contraception, and the way of postpartum contraception is the first choice of condoms.


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