Women should be cautious when taking contraceptive pills

Pharmaceutical expert Amy Karch pointed out that there has been an incident where grapefruit juice caused a patient’s death. This patient has high blood lipids, and there are also some triggers for heart disease in their body. The doctor prescribed him oral medication, attention to diet, and physical exercise. Two months later, the patient went to Florida, where he was planning to spend the winter. After arriving in Florida, he soon changed his taste and started eating grapefruit, drinking three large cups of this grapefruit juice every day. In this case, he is still taking the medication prescribed by the doctor. One day, he suddenly felt soreness and a high fever all over his body. He died shortly after being sent to the hospital. Experts from Kalch believe that the reason for the patient’s death may be due to the competition between grapefruit juice and the ingredients of the medicine for metabolic enzymes produced by the liver.

Experts have listed more than 50 drugs that cannot be taken with pomelo, including erythromycin, oral contraceptives, and some similar anti-tumor drugs. Scholars have also pointed out that we have long known about the harm of pomelo juice, but usually we are not yet aware that it will interact with some drugs. Therefore, doctors always remind patients not to take citrus fruits when taking certain types of medication.


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