For the first few weeks after delivery, this is not a problem for most couples. Then, when the physical pain and discomforts are gone, from a medical point of view, there should be no barrier to the resumption of sex.

It feels like it’s back to the first night, when couples are re-understanding each other and Re-exploring their bodies. Therefore, at this time more need two people to understand their own and each other’s physical and psychological changes, so as to closely cooperate. This is very valuable because young parents will discover new things about sex after their children are born, and experience unprecedented intimacy and pleasure:

1, childbirth shows the enormous potential of the female body.

They experience body opening, fluid flowing out of the body, and a child landing.. The process is usually painful, like tearing. Such experience “subverts” the rules of everyday life, and is very beneficial to sexual life. Many women, after their first child was born, seem to have gone through the “Genesis of Sex” and opened a new chapter in sexual life. At this time, they feel more orgasm.

2, after the birth of a couple, the life of two people will be more intimate.

Through ten months of gestation, a man learns what difficulties his partner has experienced and how strong they are. So they are more fascinated by their wives. The affection between husband and wife has been further deepened.

3. Women who have children have better control of their bodies than before.

In preparation for delivery, expectant mothers learn to consciously contract and relax the pelvis, including the muscular layer of the pelvis, urethra, contractors, and vagina. Women will be able to use this skill in everyday life after childbirth. When women consciously control a vagina filled with sensitive nerve endings, sex can be even more fascinating. In addition, the practice of collecting and placing pelvis is very helpful for tightening the vagina.

4, the relationship between husband and wife will become safer and warmer.

When a couple jointly decides to have a child, it means that their love has gone through an “experimental period” because it requires more joint decisions than marriage. In this “decision” process, the relationship between husband and wife becomes more stable and reliable.

5, the baby awakened a gentle feeling.

Touching your baby’s tender, warm skin is a pleasure, and when a mother feeds her baby, it feels like sexual stimulation when the baby sucks the nipple. Contact with children can make most women feel more sexually aroused, or discover new things about their desires.


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