Compared with contraceptives and condoms, the upper ring contraceptive has the advantages of long-term, convenient and efficient, but at the same time, it will also bring some adverse effects to women. Does the girdle at the cervix of a woman really affect the enjoyment feeling in the woman’s lovemaking, and other influences? Let’s talk about these adverse effects of shanghuan:

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1: if a man JJ is long, he will collide with the contraceptive ring and cause pains in the womb

Although many experts have pointed out that sexual life is related to the function of cerebral cortex and endocrine system, the contraceptive ring is put in the uterine cavity to improve the internal environment of the uterus, which does not affect the function of other organs, so the contraceptive ring will not affect sexual life. But a lot of netizens said that the ring really had an impact on sexual life, not psychological impact.

Netizen A: my husband said that there was a foreign body against him. He asked him if he felt uncomfortable. He said nothing, but it was a little strange.

Netizen B: my husband doesn’t feel it, but after I go to the ring, every time I have sex, I feel that it hurts me, and I bleed several times.

Netizen C: it’s five months since the ring was put on. Now when having sex, my husband says that there seems to be something blocking in the total sensitivity. In addition, her husband’s genitals were scratched and bleeding when she had sex one month later!

The birth control ring is in the womb, while sex is in the vagina. According to the truth, the two are irrelevant. There is no thing that can reach the womb through the cervix. And the vagina has a good ductility, it will expand and extend with excitement, the uterus is usually closed, without certain intensity and artificial operation, any external device is difficult to enter the uterus.

But the male JJ is too long, maybe it can collide with the contraceptive ring, causing pain in the womb of the female. It is worth mentioning that if the tail silk of the ring comes out of the cervix and goes into the vagina, it may stimulate the penis of the man in sexual life and cause the foreign body feeling or pain in the sexual intercourse of the husband.


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