New parents must be wondering: when and how to open love after childbirth? What should we pay attention to? Are these private and hard-to-ask questions the new parents most want to be answered here? Now follow me into the first love journey!

Waiting for the Time to Wait

Many people worry that the first postpartum sexual bleeding will affect women’s sexual desire later. As a result, they want to do what they want but dare not do what they want. Postpartum love for the first time really requires new parents to be extra careful, to confirm that women’s physical conditions permit before it can be carried out oh!

1. Do you feel good about yourself?

“In theory, six weeks after delivery should be able to resume sexual life. Maternal can first feel their own physical condition, and touch the degree of recovery of the wound, and then make a decision.

2. Does the stomach wound heal?

If the newborn is a Caesarean section, we should pay attention to whether the wound on the stomach is healed or not. If the wound is not healed, the more intense exercise can easily cause the wound to tear and bleed.

3. Was lochia cleaned?

Some new mothers hesitate about physical fitness, or other factors, although it has been more than six weeks postpartum, but if the lochia has not been cleaned, the uterus has not yet recovered. At this time, love, it is easy to cause uterine bleeding again, leading to inflammation and infection, delay the recovery of uterine body time.

4. Physical examination to confirm that there is no injury

After 4 weeks of childbirth, you should go to the hospital for the first postpartum physical examination and listen to the doctor’s advice. After the examination, the recovery of uterus is good, but we should pay attention to it in time. We should not rush to act. We should also wait for the female body to recover to the condition that she can withstand intense exercise.

5. Postpartum because of physical reasons and care for the baby spent a lot of energy, the wife may not be enthusiastic about sexual life for a while, the husband should understand his wife, respect his wife’s ideas, two people reach a consensus before sexual life.


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