The gathering of girlfriends, talking about the topic of sexual intercourse after childbirth, can be described as “several happy and several worried”.

“After giving birth to a child, the first time I had sex was very painful. It was embarrassing.” I can’t interest myself at all. What’s the matter? ” “It’s very different from before pregnancy. What can I do?”

In fact, the above situation and question may be that you and the intimate TA lack an interesting thing. How much do you know about sex products?

What kinds of interesting things do you have?

① intensive stimulation

For example, male genital coronal sulcus ring (elastic ring with protrusion stimulator, coronal sulcus fixed under male genital), penis coat (mostly made of silica gel, which can ‘enlarge and lengthen’ male genital organ, with protrusion stimulator), contraceptive cover with protrusion stimulator, etc. Their function is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of vagina, so that women can reach orgasm more easily.

② lubricants

Passion lubricant can be used when women naturally secrete less lubricant during sex, and the vagina is not easy to get in and out, even painful. It has a good effect on women’s postpartum sexual life or menopause. It lubricates the vagina and reduces discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. It is also suitable for women who are lack of sexual experience, too nervous to be fully excited. It can make women easily get used to and adapt to the insertion of penis.

③ massage oil

Beitian love massage oil can make people fully relax, enjoy a happy mood, and have a good effect on skin health care. It can create a good warm atmosphere and enhance mutual needs and communication when used together with your lover in skin dating and gentle caressing.

④ lingerie

Lingerie is also a kind of interest products. It is a product of combining visual stimulation and sexual love. It is also a product of meeting spiritual needs after the improvement of human material life. The more accurate way to call the domestic interest underwear is the interest clothing, which is the product between the underwear and the clothing. Like many kinds of interest products, interest underwear is a very popular product in Europe and America, but it has been accepted by the public in recent two years.

A great search of cool knowledge of interest products

Those who do not have a harmonious sex life or have no sex life use sex appeal products?

The truth: anyone can use spice.

The survey shows that people who have sex use more erotic products than people who have no sex. Partners who use erotic products usually have higher quality of sexual life and better emotional intimacy. About 20 – 30% of people use sex toys at least once in their lives.

Can you be addicted to using fun products?

Truth: addiction means some harm. But using fun products will not hurt you (as long as you use them correctly).

Although some people may rely on the use of erotic products, you do not need to give up compulsively. Anyone can easily return to the sexual life of masturbation or sexual partner without using erotic products.

If a woman uses sexuality, she doesn’t need a man?

Truth: sex toys are not substitutes for people.

Spice doesn’t hug you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think that their importance to women is mainly their “big guy”, so men will lack a sense of security.

Men use sex products only when they don’t have real sex?

Truth: when people think of men and sex toys, they will think of men who buy masturbation tools and watch AV in the basement while masturbating.

But the truth about men and sex toys is that millions of men use them, whether they’re in a relationship or single. The best way for a man to become a better lover is to understand his sexual reaction.

Whether or not you use sex toys, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body. The use of spice doesn’t mean that the man is a “loser”. He’s actually very smart and probably does better in bed. Because he’s interested in sex and is more skilled.

→ are sex toys unnatural?

Truth: we hear a lot about sexual inaccuracies, one of which is that natural sex means only physical contact.

If we use pencil and paper, isn’t painting unreal and natural? Of course not. If we use tools or fun products to make it more interesting, it doesn’t make sex unnatural. Fun products don’t run on batteries, but on our imagination.

Said so many, everybody to the interest thing’s understanding should be more! Ha ha! I still don’t understand it


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