Condoms are usually the preferred contraceptive method for new parents. They are not limited by the time limit, will not have any impact on the new mother’s body, and can be ready for pregnancy at any time when the new mother’s conditions allow. In the correct choice and use of condoms, the contraceptive effect is impeccable. But in order to ensure the contraceptive effect, the new father should pay more attention when choosing condoms.

| New Dad, pay attention to these details when using condoms!

1. There is no clear regulation on condom product classification. Generally speaking, according to the nominal width of condom, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. A condom with a nominal width of 55mm is equivalent to a previously used specification of Φ 35 or large condom; a condom with a nominal width of 52mm is equivalent to a Φ 33 or medium condom; a condom with a nominal width of 49mm is equivalent to a Φ 31 or small condom. When choosing a condom, you should choose the product with the nominal width suitable for you.

2. According to the thickness of condom, it can be divided into ordinary type, thin type and ultra-thin type. The so-called thickness refers to the single-layer wall thickness of the condom, generally 0.04-0.07 mm, and the thinnest 0.03 mm. Some commercial condoms have a nominal ultra-thin thickness of 0.02mm, but in fact, they can not reach this thickness after testing. The ultra-thin condom can reduce the foreign body feeling in the house, and the thicker condom can increase the anti rupture insurance coefficient when used. If you use ultra-thin condoms, you should buy high-quality brand products.

3. The shape of the condom is cylindrical, which can be divided into — A. common type (smooth or flat type): the top has a seminal vesicle, and the body is smooth; B. the tip is large; C. compact type: 1-4 strangles are made in the body of the condom.

4. According to the surface processing of the rubber film on the condom body, it can be divided into granular type and threaded type. The particle type can be divided into large and small particles. Rib type is also called ring type. The processed condom can more or less increase the stimulation of vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life. These two types of condoms are often referred to as heterozygous condoms.


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