Recently, some dads secretly complained to me: since my wife gave birth to a baby, her “love” for me has become dull. Although the baby’s birth has turned the sweet world of two into a warm family of three, but You know (depressed face)

I’ve heard a lot about the troubles of these new fathers. According to a British survey, more than 50% of the pregnant women will have low sexual desire within 8 weeks after childbirth; even one year after childbirth, 49% of them can’t return to the normal level before pregnancy. Don’t think it’s hard for dads to understand. Mom has a reason for all this. Let’s analyze it now and take the right medicine!

Generally speaking, early start of sexual life, overwork, reproductive system diseases and so on can lead to postpartum frigidity.

1. Start sex early after childbirth

After childbirth, women will have changes in the whole body and reproductive system, which will have a certain inhibitory effect on sexual desire. Generally, only two months after childbirth can the organs return to normal, and then they can start sexual life. If the postpartum early start of sexual life is easy to lead to wife sexual aversion, thus inducing sexual apathy.

2. Changes of reproductive organs

After childbirth, the changes of female reproduction include: changes in the internal muscles of the vagina; laceration or lateral incision of the perineum, resulting in varying degrees of damage to the perineum; widened vaginal opening; widened pelvic ligament, slightly larger uterus than before. As the vagina will change in different degrees after childbirth, the friction will be weakened during sexual life, which will have a certain impact on the quality of sexual life. As long as attention to postpartum recovery exercise, generally postpartum 3 months, women’s vagina can be restored to the previous level.

3. Improper contraceptive measures

Some female friends did not take effective contraceptive measures after childbirth. When they have sex, they are always afraid of pregnancy; in addition, some couples adopt the method of sudden interruption of sexual life to achieve the purpose of contraception in the process of sexual intercourse, which may lead to sexual apathy over time.

It can be said that it is quite common for mothers to have decreased sexual desire after childbirth, but this situation will recover slowly, which requires fathers to perform well.

✓ cook for love and take care of your wife’s body

In order to make the wife’s health better, dads can cook for love. In the cold winter, soup and porridge are good choices. Who doesn’t love a husband like a “Chef”?

✓ help to take the baby and let the wife have a good rest

It’s better to do well than to say well. In fact, except for breast-feeding dad, he can do anything with children. It’s a good thing to kill three birds with one stone that a father can not only let his wife rest, establish feelings with his children, but also make the husband and wife more harmonious.

✓ communicate more and dispel her concerns

In fact, many times, mothers will worry about themselves. Dad should chat with mom more, hold her gently, recall the romantic past when they were in love together, say “sweet talk” more, and dispel mom’s concerns. In this atmosphere, mom will certainly not go to the top.

✓ do foreplay and rekindle love

The sensitive parts will become less sensitive and dry in a period of time after the mother regenerates her child. If dad doesn’t have enough patience to force in, it’s easy to cause pain and upset mom. Dad should do the atmosphere well by means of language, kissing, touching and so on, and then things will come naturally.

How tired is it to take a baby? 90% of mothers have tried to put their baby back in their stomach. In fact, as long as dads are gentle and considerate to their wives and fulfill their responsibilities as good husbands, moms will naturally be immersed in your love and can’t extricate themselves! Finally, warm reminder: Although passion is good, for the recovery of moms after childbirth, don’t forget contraception!


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