1. Reduce the wife’s psychological pressure and be prepared before sex. The child itself may be one of the biggest barriers to the sexual drive of young mothers. So you need to feed the baby before you go to bed. Then prepare a condom so that the wife’s undeveloped reproductive organs or wounds are not infected by bacteria. And now condoms have a lubricating effect, so that the wife’s sexual intercourse to reduce pain. It’s hard for such a considerate husband not to let his wife’s heart beat.

2. Lighten your wife’s labor burden at ordinary times. This is also very important, as a husband should also understand that after working overtime, physical fatigue is not want to have sex. So be considerate of your wife, help with cooking or cleaning, or shower your children at night. Take care of the children for a certain period of time so that the wife can have a rest and do her own things.

3, the husband sexy induction, does the foot foreplay. Strengthen the emotional induction before sex, make full use of feeling action such as seeing, listening, kissing, touching, etc. to fully caress the language and behavior, so that the wife can re-enter the good scene of romantic love; strengthen the stimulation of the sensitive areas (such as clitoris, labia, nipple, lips, tongue, etc.) before sexual intercourse to arouse potential sexual desire and stimulate sexual excitement; The position and time of sexual intercourse should be changed to increase the intensity of sexual interest and reaction.

4. Adopt proper posture to increase pleasure. The wife should take the initiative of sex appropriately, adopt different sexual position to help the husband insert him into the vagina according to your feeling, so as to make your vagina gradually stretch and adapt. The best position is for a woman to straddle a man’s body with her hands on his chest. Other sexual techniques, such as oral sex, masturbation, or stimulation with your hips, can be used.

5. Psychotherapy and psychotherapy. As a husband, try to restrain sexual impulse and avoid impatience. It is hard to avoid confrontation. We should let it be and let the wife get more warmth and love besides sex. You can also take the initiative to separate from your wife or bed for a period of time to arouse the wife’s yearning for her husband. The so-called “small farewell is better than newlyweds”. You should cater to the wife’s feelings for children, take the initiative to take the task of managing children, and even take care of them more carefully and considerate than their wives. This will arouse the interest of the couple’s life again, which is very helpful to integrate feelings and eliminate sexual apathy.


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