Experience the first night of intimacy again

Having a sex break after the baby arrives? In the first few weeks after childbirth, this is not a problem for most partners. Then, when the pain and discomfort of the body are over, medically speaking, there should be no barrier to a new beginning of sex.

At this time, people feel as if they are back on their first night, and the couple are rediscovering each other and exploring their body feelings. Therefore, at this time, it is more necessary for two people to understand the physical and psychological changes of themselves and each other, so as to cooperate closely. This is very valuable because young parents will have a new discovery of sexual life after their children are born, and they will feel an unprecedented intimacy and pleasure:

1. Childbirth shows the great potential of women’s body

They go through the opening of their bodies, the flow of fluid from their bodies, and the landing of their children… Often the process is painful, like tearing. Such experiences “subvert” the rules of everyday life and are good for sex. After the birth of their first child, many women seem to have experienced the creation of sex and opened a new chapter in their sexual life. At this time, they feel more orgasm.

2. After both husband and wife have experienced childbirth together, their life will be more intimate

A man learns what difficulties his partner is going through and how strong they are through ten months of pregnancy. So they became more obsessed with their wives. The love between husband and wife is further deepened.

Women who have had children have better control over their bodies than before

In preparation for childbirth, expectant mothers learn to consciously contract and relax the pelvis, which includes control of the pelvic muscle layer, urethra, contractile muscles, and vagina. After giving birth, women will be able to apply this “skill” to their daily lives. When women consciously control the vagina full of sensitive nerve endings, love will be more attractive. In addition, practice to close, put the pelvis, for tightening the vagina is very helpful.

4. The relationship between husband and wife will become more secure and warm

When a couple decide to have a child together, it means that their love has passed the “experimental period”, because having children requires more joint decision than marriage. In the process of “decision”, the relationship between husband and wife becomes more stable and reliable.

5. Baby wakes up the gentle feeling

Caressing the baby’s tender and warm skin is a kind of enjoyment. When a mother gives her baby milk, she experiences the feeling of sucking the baby’s nipple, just like sexual stimulation. Contact with children can make most women feel their sexuality more strongly, or have a new discovery of their own desire.


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