Recently, the movie “50 degrees of grey” has become popular all over the world. What arouses people’s hot discussion is the scenes about SM, which also stimulates people’s research on interest games. In the past, people were ashamed to talk about such interesting games. But as people’s ideas become more and more open, people realize that sex, the original instinct of human beings, not only meets people’s physiological needs, but also enhances one of the channels of healthy mind.

Picture material from Huagai

The interest game mainly refers to the means to enhance the sexual relationship between men and women through some games, usually changing the habitual sexual habits, using some tools to assist, or role-playing and so on.

Fun games can not only make sex more harmonious, but also keep each other fresh and honeymoon. So it’s very necessary to play fun games in husband and wife’s life. But women are naturally passive. Although they are eager to have a perfect “sexual experience”, they are ashamed to say so.

In fact, the traditional women should change their ideas. The active invitation will not make the other half think you are frivolous, but will increase your feelings to some extent. As a kind of adjustment product of husband and wife’s life, the reserved women take the initiative to invite, and the men will be very surprised. Now, I will give these women who are bold and enthusiastic in heart a few moves to let men see your “passion as fire” side.


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