Healthy and harmonious sex life is the main program in marriage, and even the number can explain the quality and connotation of each couple’s marriage. In other words, to maintain a lasting marriage, it is inconceivable that there is no harmonious, happy and passionate sex life. In the survey reports of psychologists, marriage counselors, social institutions, doctors and lawyers, sexual life issues are ranked first among other marital life issues.

1. Harmony between husband and wife, sex life is very important

According to the survey of relevant personnel, there are many factors that cause the disharmony of family life, but the disharmony of husband and wife’s sexual life accounts for nearly 50% of the many factors that cause the contradiction between husband and wife. Sex life is an important part of husband and wife’s life, and it is the need of human survival and reproduction. With a harmonious sex life, husband and wife can feel harmonious and family can be harmonious. On the contrary, the disharmonious sex life will cause sexual dysfunction of both spouses, cause emotional breakdown, and even lead to the tragedy of divorce.

Any couple, whether young couple, middle-aged couple or elderly couple, want to achieve harmony in their sexual life. Because a harmonious, moderate and scientific life can keep both husband and wife in a good mental state, increase feelings and promote family happiness. Some people say that the sexual life between husband and wife is harmonious and the sublimation of love, just like the flower of a happy life, and like a wonderful movement, which is true.

A survey on the frequency of human life in China shows that about 9.4% of couples have no or only a few sexual activities in the past year, 19.7% of them have only 1-2 sexual activities per month, and 34.8% of them go straight to the “theme” without any intimacy before sexual intercourse. Although the frequency of couples’ sexual life can not fully indicate their sexual relationship, however, this survey shows that the lack of “sexual interest” between couples has become a shadow in modern marriage.

After work, the husband stayed at the tavern and mahjong table for a long time and didn’t want to go home; The wife stayed with the TV all night and refused to go to bed; Sex has become a kind of procedure, convention, right and obligation… everything seems to be very normal, and the days are still going on, but the couple’s life has become boring and tired of each other due to the lack of “sexual interest”.

Surprise and novelty between husband and wife no longer occur, the degree of mutual love decreases, the quality of sexual life decreases, and even the most beautiful and moving moment in life becomes dull. Perhaps it is the daily relationship after marriage, the salt and vinegar, the slovenness of the husband, the nagging of the wife, and so on that wear away the original passion and weaken the sexual communication between the husband and wife.


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