This year, an American Foundation announced a new male contraceptive method on the Internet, called vasalgel. Different from the previously familiar ligation contraceptive method, this method does not need a “knife”. As long as you inject a needle into the vas deferens, you can achieve the purpose of contraception. This news sounds like a blessing to the majority of women, but it is still unknown when the “divine medicine” will be on the market. Today’s contraceptive measures still bring countless troubles to you.

Why does mother take more responsibility for contraception

Although there are many contraceptive methods used by human beings, most of them are used by women. This is determined by the physiological structure of women. For example, female contraceptives, intrauterine devices, vaginal rings, female condoms, etc. Male contraceptives are relatively single, and so far there are only three methods recognized by the world: male condom, vasectomy and external ejaculation.

For example, since the birth control pill was launched as a “liberator”, there are about 40 kinds of birth control pills developed for women, but men are basically far away from the contraceptive market. Scientific research has not yet been able to produce contraceptives that can be effectively used by men.

It is undeniable that the research of male contraceptives lags far behind that of female contraceptives. For a long time, basic biology has been the biggest obstacle to the development of male contraceptive methods. Women produce only one fertile egg a month, while men may produce 30 million sperm a day, any of which can fertilize an egg cell. In general, destroying the production of an egg cell is simpler than destroying the production of millions of sperm. This is also a difficult thing for scientists. For them, even a drug that can reduce sperm production by up to 90% may still make men fertile.


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