What do you do after a good sex life? Take a bath? Eat a late night? Sleep right away? Actually, there are a lot of taboos after sex, and they often have an impact on health, especially for postpartum couples.

Taboo 1: shower immediately

It’s wrong to take a cold bath because sex is a more intense activity, and it can cause panic and asthma if you take a bath immediately afterwards. Especially after the intense sex life take a cool bath, will make the skin blood vessels suddenly constrict, a large amount of blood will flow back to the heart, thus increasing the burden on the heart. Take a hot bath, too, because it causes blood to pour into the skin and muscle tissue, reducing the supply of other vital organs. Once the blood supply to the heart and brain is reduced, their normal physiological functions will be affected, and some diseases will be induced.

[Heart Suggestion] Just as regular physical exercise can’t take a bath immediately, AA is advised to rest for more than half an hour before taking a bath with warm water when the body recovers to a certain extent. At the same time, postpartum women in the rest of this period of time should pay special attention to keep warm!

Taboo 2: go to bed immediately.

Men like to sleep immediately after AA, but this is a taboo of health. In the process of sexual life, the human sympathetic nerve is in a state of high tension, and hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted vigorously. Not only sexual organs are in a state of high congestion, but other tissues of the body also participate in a series of processes.

After sex, the nerves and spinal reflex nerves relax, and the dull reflex nerves are hard to recover. If you fall asleep immediately after the event, the sluggish effect of sleep, coupled with the sluggish effect of sexual stimulation, can cause fatigue to last until the next day, leaving you with backache.

[Heart Suggestion] Don’t rush to sleep, chat intimately, this is a special need for women psychological comfort, but also help men’s reflex nerve smooth recovery Oh!

Taboo 3: eat cold things.

Sexual life people often feel hot, thirsty, and eat cold food, without any adverse effects on the reproductive system. Because the changes caused by sexual excitement only focus on the sensory nervous system and endocrine system, with the disappearance of sexual excitement, this change will gradually return to normal. If you eat something cool, even if it’s irritating, it’s only limited to the digestive tract.

However, as in sexual life, because the sympathetic nerve is more excited, compared to normal, gastrointestinal blood will also be reduced. Therefore, before gastrointestinal mucosal congestion returns to normal, drinking ice water immediately will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly cold, gastrointestinal injury to a certain extent. Serious conditions may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort or colic.

[Heart Suggestion] If you feel thirsty after sex, whether in summer or winter, drink a small amount of warm or cold boiled water, try not to drink ice water or ice drinks.

Taboo 4: hair dryer

It’s also wrong to blow naked to the air conditioner after sex, which gives the germs a chance to ride. After sexual life, the body’s ability to regulate body temperature will be weakened and susceptible to wind chills. In addition, if the cold wind directly causes the sweat glands to drain away suddenly, the sweat retention can not be expelled.

[intimate suggestion] avoid wearing clothes to cool the air conditioner after sex. Cover the quilt. Never be naked even in the heat of summer.


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