I don’t know when and where it comes from. There is a saying that lactation does not mean pregnancy. Here, I have to stand in the perspective of scientific rationality and make a loud appeal, which is just a legend, not believable. After childbirth, all the functions of the new mother’s body are still in the recovery period. It’s not only limited in energy, but also can’t be taken by the body to get pregnant again in a short time. It’s very harmful to the new mother’s body and mind. As for lactation contraception, new parents have to be cautious.

Wrong way of contraception in lactation

Many new mothers think that lactation, like safety, is impossible to conceive. In fact, this statement is wrong, because women’s lactation is just a decline in fertility, which does not mean that they have no fertility. So why is lactation pregnant? What is the relationship between pregnancy and menstruation and eggs?

Generally speaking, the fertility of women in lactation will be reduced, but they still have fertility. Although your mother may not menstruate for several months after childbirth, your body usually gives birth to the first egg before the first menstruation. That is to say, you will not know that you have ovulated until your menstruation is resumed two weeks later. Before that, if you had sex and didn’t use contraception, you could be pregnant while breastfeeding. In theory, it is not easy for a woman to conceive.

If you are exclusively breastfed and breastfeed during the day and night, you may not have menstruation for up to one year after delivery. If your baby sleeps early all night, your fertility will probably recover faster. Generally in the postpartum 3-8 months. If your baby is mixed feeding, the same is true.

That is to say, the more frequently your baby sucks, the later your menstruation may return. Experts believe that this is because breastfeeding prevents the body from producing hormones that promote ovulation. But if you use breastfeeding as your only contraceptive, be very careful. To make lactation effective, you need to follow the contraceptive method of lactation and amenorrhea. This method not only requires pure breastfeeding, but also meets two other conditions: one is within six months after birth, the other is that you have not menstruated. However, even if all three conditions are met, there is still a small possibility of pregnancy during lactation.

To sum up, even if you are exclusively breastfed, you may start ovulating as early as three months after delivery. So it’s not impossible to get pregnant during lactation. If you want to make sure you don’t get pregnant during breastfeeding, you need to use contraception when you have sex.


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