After ten years of training, we can share the same boat, and after a hundred years of training, we can sleep together. It is a recognized habit for couples to share a room and a bed. Both ancient and modern, even in foreign countries. When you get married, you will naturally sleep in the same bed. This is the basic rule of marriage. However, there have also been such comments on the Internet recently that couples occasionally sleep in separate beds, which is beneficial to the body and mind. The reason seems reasonable. Let’s have a look.

1. What do you think of couples sleeping in separate beds occasionally?

Proponents: couples sleep in separate beds occasionally, which has many benefits

Mommy on a sunny day: My family’s weight and body shape are very important. They snore and shake the earth. I can’t be touched when I sleep. Sometimes I sleep in separate beds. What a pleasant personal time!

Lele’s mother: Two people often work and rest at different times, and no one wants to force or accommodate each other. Then sleep in separate beds. Of course, when you have to be intimate, it is natural to sleep together!

Opposition: sleeping in separate beds represents a problem in the relationship between husband and wife

Ling Didi: What! Separate bed for husband and wife? There’s no need. Isn’t marriage just two people sleeping together? It means that there is something wrong with the relationship between the two people. Anyway, I can’t accept this request.

Raindrop 212: husband and wife share the same bed. Is it necessary to separate beds? Will this reduce the intimacy of the two? We could have slept together and chatted with each other every day. It’s so warm. What kind of bed is it.


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