Do you feel embarrassed when buying condoms? Or are you looked at with strange eyes? Even if everyone can use condoms, they will still feel embarrassed when buying them. Give love a guarantee and make your sex life more intimate and pleasant.

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Condom is the most intimate thing for men, but it does not mean that every man can “control it freely”. It turns out that many men are “tested” by condoms, that is, buying the wrong size and wrong direction, there are many people who “give up halfway”. Some doctors said that some patients suffered from sexually transmitted diseases due to the use of inappropriate condoms, or lost the original intention of contraception, resulting in “death”. In addition, some people may be incapacitated because they are too tight. Men should not be careless. There are condom manufacturers on the streets to promote awareness.

Men’s shopping speed has always been faster than women’s, especially when buying condoms: to avoid embarrassment, most men only rush to pick up goods and pay at the speed of “nine seconds and nine seconds” in convenience stores or supermarkets. As for whether they are suitable or not, they rarely think about it.

It’s hard to say when in doubt

When you buy a condom that doesn’t fit you, you will encounter many problems when you use it. However, there is no way to ask for help, or it is difficult to talk about it. This problem has always troubled countless adults, but few people talk about it.

“When buying condoms in supermarkets or convenience stores, when men encounter problems, they can’t ask the cashier for help.”. Deng Guorong, the head of a condom shop in Hong Kong three years ago, acted as a condom consultant for clients on the basis of his “clinical” experience with countless customers. He met many “unsuitable” customers and asked him for professional advice on condoms.

“Some customers in the existing market, can not find their own size condoms, so they come to my place to buy.” He estimated that about five percent of the guests had encountered condom problems. Some of them did not know what size they were using. Some bought too large condoms because they were “big headed ghosts”. Some people would ask for help because they often met with “condoms” and could not find a “suitable place” after searching for various brands.

25% of men wear the wrong condom!

How safe is the condom? The vast majority of people think that in their sexual life, as long as they use condoms, they will be able to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. But an online report on July 25th pointed out that it is not good to believe too much in condoms, because among the public, the wrong use of condoms makes them no longer safe.

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Researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, the United States, conducted a survey of more than 1100 men and women and found that nearly a quarter of them had used condoms by mistake in the last month.

According to statistics, the common error methods are as follows:

Fully unfold the condom before wearing it;

When a woman wears a condom for her partner, she doesn’t let out the air at the top of the condom;

When men use condoms themselves, they often turn the inside layer over and wear them outside;

The condom was only put on when it was really inserted; after sex, the condom was removed without holding the bottom of the condom;

Repeat the use of a condom during two consecutive sex sessions;

The researchers pointed out that the above incorrect use of these ways, easy to lead to inadequate lubrication, condom rupture, sperm overflow and other problems, which makes men’s risk of sexually transmitted diseases nearly doubled, and the risk of unexpected pregnancy in women also increased. “USA Today” also recently reported that experts from the National Institutes of health found that although condoms can reduce the transmission rate of AIDS and gonorrhea by 50% – 100%, the effective rate of condom in preventing other sexually transmitted diseases is only 18% – 92%. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the concept of the correct use of condoms.


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