After the birth of the baby, the sweet couple life is about to start. But behind the sweetness, there is also a hidden crisis: some couples regard lactation as a safe period, do not take or take the wrong contraceptive measures, resulting in unexpected pregnancy or physical injury to new mothers. Therefore, postpartum contraceptive work can’t be easily ignored, especially in lactation, and important knowledge points of lactation contraception can’t be ignored:

No menstruation: not equal to no ovulation

It’s not true that some couples think that no menstruation means a safe period. Some mothers start ovulating a month after childbirth. It is not after menstruation that ovulation begins, but before menstruation. Mothers’ bodies usually produce their first egg before the first menstrual cycle. So it’s hard for moms to tell if they’ve ovulated. At this time, if the husband and wife live without contraceptive measures, it is very easy to be recruited during lactation.

Lactation and contraception: actually very strict

Some mothers have heard that lactation can inhibit ovulation, and they feel that they can avoid contraception during lactation. However, lactation contraceptive method is not only not 100%, but also very strict. Although, there is a method called “lactation amenorrhea contraception”, which can help new mothers contraception. However, this method is not random at all. It needs to fully meet the following five conditions:

1. Pure breastfeeding within 6 months after delivery;

2. Do not give baby bottles or rubber nipples;

3. No matter day or night, as long as the baby is hungry, it is necessary to breastfeed at any time;

4. Whether it’s a mother or a baby, even if you are sick, you must keep breastfeeding;

5. When supplementary food needs to be added, it must be fed after lactation

Even if we insist on these five conditions, mothers who have not recovered their menstruation are less than 2% more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy during this period. What’s more, many mothers can’t do the above five points after work.


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