After the new mother gave birth to the child, she put her main energy on the child, and unconsciously alienated her husband. At the same time, the new father may also put more energy on work, and unconsciously, the number of times of sex became negative. But sex plays a very important role in the relationship between husband and wife. New mothers can no longer find reasons for themselves. Now lift up your husband right away and regain the “sexual interest” between you two. Quick.

Learn these tricks to tease your new father

Hold your face with both hands

When you think about the new mother from another perspective, when a lovely woman opposite you is listening to a moving story from you, and she holds her face gently with her hands inadvertently, will you suddenly feel that she is more lovely? Remember, learn this move.

Toot mouth

This is a small action that new mothers can often use. When encountering some helplessness or amazement in life, a casual raising eyebrows and pouting mouth will make the new father feel your unique sexy loveliness. This is a very feminine feeling. At this time, the expression and body language have a little cute, beautiful, gentle, sweet and classical.


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