After the birth of a child for a period of time, many couples began to resume their husbands and wives life, but some female friends will not be interested in the couple’s life, which is called sexual apathy, then what about postpartum sexual apathy? Even newly married couples are always like glue, they are always “sexually” vigorous, but over time, Gradually, I went to the original passion, and the “sex” interest gradually faded away. For the sake of long-term happiness between husband and wife, we must try to find out the cause of the problem and regain enthusiasm.

There are two reasons for disharmony in sexual life.

1. male and female sexuality climax curves do not overlap.

Men do not understand the sexual characteristics of men and women, do not do preparatory work before sexual intercourse, think that women’s impulse as fast as men. Therefore, when the man has sexual desire, he is eager to have sexual intercourse. After satisfying the sexual desire, the woman’s sexual desire is still not satisfied.

2. the gap between men and women is too big.

If the man is sexually active, the woman has low sexual desire or the woman is cold. Sexual apathy can be caused by a woman’s disease, can also be caused by unpleasant sexual intercourse, and not interested in sexual behavior, or even very disgusted. There are also psychological factors, such as some women worry about pregnancy and childbirth; some because of premature ejaculation and men can not get pleasure; some because of sexual pain, resulting in fear, sexual desire slowly tends to suppress and cause apathy and so on.

Sexual disharmony should take the following measures:

1. Before sexual intercourse, do not rush to achieve, need to prepare to stimulate the woman’s estrous zone, and then sexual intercourse, in order to make both sides of the estrous curve near overlap.

2. Men with strong sexual desire, frequent sexual intercourse, the best couple to sleep in separate beds to avoid sexual impulse; In addition, men can strengthen exercise, wash feet before bedtime with hot water, participate in more ideological and educational entertainment activities, to distract attention from sexual aspects, such as to obtain high-quality sex students. It is very useful to live.

3. If a woman is cold, she should seek medical treatment in time to restore her normal sexual needs; if she is worried about pregnancy, she can adopt scientific contraceptive methods under the guidance of a doctor; if there are other diseases affecting sexual function, she should seek medical treatment in time.

4. the man has premature ejaculation, should be timely to the Department of Urology diagnosis and treatment.

Sexuality is a complex and mysterious force that is related to every part of our body, from top to bottom, from the brain to the private. It’s well known that sex hormones play an important role in sexual desire, but there are many external factors that affect your “sexual” interest.

In addition, people wait until the desire for fire is completely burned before sex begins. Sometimes we can stimulate each other’s sexual desire by kissing and touching each other. Usually both husband and wife in life to add a little more interest in life, do not force each other to have sex, as a husband more concerned about his wife, because the wife after childbirth is particularly sensitive to the need for husband’s care and care. I believe you will definitely reply to the previous situation.


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