The quadrennial Olympic Games is a global sports event, with a wave of Carnival sweeping the world. No, a careful new mother and father found that the passionate Olympic Games happen to be a great opportunity for postpartum couples to rekindle their romantic passion! During pregnancy, they have more or less alienated each other. After childbirth, they are busy taking care of their baby and may not care about each other. Now the little couple watch a live broadcast of an interesting game together. They talk more to each other and communicate smoothly. Hey hey, the passion is back! If you want to further enhance the relationship between husband and wife, I must remind you not to forget to take contraceptive measures, which is also a kind of care for the new mother’s postpartum body.

Warm tips for postpartum contraception

The most reliable method: condoms. Condoms have the advantages of simplicity, low cost, no adverse impact on women’s health, and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. They are recommended. It should be noted that the model must be suitable for the user. Damaged and deteriorated condoms must not be used again. Afterwards, press the upper mouth of the condom and pull it out together with the penis, and check whether there is semen in the small capsule of the condom, so as to confirm that the condom is not damaged.

The most comfortable way: oral contraceptives

It is said that the success rate of contraception is 99.9%. Short acting oral medicine not only has very little physiological interference to women, but also can adjust the menstrual cycle, reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding, relieve dysmenorrhea and have cosmetic effect on the skin. It can be said that it is an easy contraceptive method. However, be sure to remember the medication time. If you miss the medication, you must take it again within 12 hours of the specified medication time.

The most urgent method: emergency contraceptive

What if you are in a hurry and can’t protect yourself? It can also be remedied by taking emergency contraceptives in a short time after the event. Taking oral contraceptives will inhibit the secretion of follicle maturation hormone and luteal maturation hormone by the pituitary gland, and then inhibit ovarian ovulation to achieve 95% to 99% contraceptive effect.

These contraceptive methods are safe and scientific, and are very suitable for postpartum contraception. Finally, I wish my postpartum new father and new mother a romantic, warm and new spark during the Olympic Games!


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