Many people believe that postpartum breastfeeding is a “safe period”, during breastfeeding, couples can have sex without any contraceptive measures.

Is it risky to think that you don’t need contraception before your menstruation is restored? Is it possible to have intercourse without contraception during breastfeeding? How do you use postpartum contraception?

During lactation, sexual intercourse is not contraceptive. Because love is also pregnant during lactation.

Although fertility may be reduced during lactation, it does not mean that there is no fertility. Normally you don’t menstruate for months after giving birth, but your body expels the first egg before the first menstruation. So if you have sexual life without taking contraceptive measures, you may conceive during lactation. If your baby sucks more frequently, the time may be later. Because breastfeeding prevents the body from releasing hormones that promote ovulation. Good contraceptive measures for both babies and adults, if unwanted pregnancies, or not? To the economy and the body are a great burden, no matter whether it is drug abortion or abortion, to the birth of a child is already very weak people are injured. In addition, it is best not to take contraceptives, because the drug will be secreted through the milk, the baby’s brain stimulation, have a bad impact.

From the first postpartum sexual intercourse to adhere to contraception, methods according to their own situation and the doctor’s examination to choose. But do not take the pill yourself, because some of the ingredients of the pill can inhibit milk secretion and reduce milk. At the same time, breastfeeding can also be passed on to infants, which is harmful to the growth and development of infants.

To break the wrong postpartum contraceptive method:

False idea: contraception during lactation — be careful of the fish that slip through the net.

False view two: contraception during the safe period – it’s a character.

False view three: contraceptive contraception – lactation period is not good.

Postpartum breast-feeding mothers should avoid taking contraceptives, because some of the ingredients of contraceptives will inhibit milk secretion, so that the mother secretion of milk is not enough, thus affecting the baby’s nutritional intake. And this drug with milk into the baby’s body, the baby’s growth and development will be adversely affected.

Misconception four: contraception with birth control ring is too early to be suitable.

Because the new mother just gave birth to a baby, the uterine wall is thin and soft, if placed too early, it is likely to occur perforation. Generally speaking, if it is natural labor, the new mother can carry out the upper ring in 3 months after delivery.

The best way of breast feeding: condom – please bring your own.

Looked at the above four contraceptive methods in lactation, although each has its advantages, but also has some shortcomings. Now I would like to recommend a best way of contraception for men to use condoms. On the one hand, condoms are easy to use and easy to buy; on the other hand, the use of this method of contraception couples almost no side effects, but also to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


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