Postpartum mother love flooding, but meticulous care to the baby to the palm of the hand, but the husband seems to love a lot less, and even because of this greatly reduced, but the fathers are very aggrieved and full of bitterness.

Let’s have a look at the scene reappearance: OK, stop making noise. Don’t wake up the baby just fell asleep. No, I still have a shadow on the pain of childbirth. Don’t watch it. It’s full of fat and so on. In fact, dads also need love. Dads don’t mind the fat on their wives’ stomachs, and dads also care for their new mothers carefully. However, new dads still have to work hard to express your ideas so that they can have a good time with new moms!

Study on the decline of postpartum new mothers’ sex

Reason 1: the influence of hormone level

Postpartum hormone secretion of new mothers affects vaginal secretions. In fact, the decrease of postpartum sex is determined by the physical condition of new mothers. After delivery, the secretion of prolactin increased and the secretion of estrogen decreased significantly, resulting in the decrease of vaginal secretion of new mothers after delivery. This situation can last for three months to six months. The decrease of vaginal discharge may aggravate the pain of sexual life, and the unhappiness of sexual life will naturally lead to the decrease of sexual desire.

Reason 2: new mother’s role change and attention shift

The most important reason for postpartum aloofness is the change of new mother’s role. Women face the change of social role after childbirth, most of the attention will shift to the children, day and night for the baby feeding, physical and mental fatigue. Many new mothers are so tired that they fall asleep when they get out of bed at night, so they have no “sexual interest”.

Reason 3: the new mother’s concern about her body

Birth wound, physical discomfort, some new mothers because of childbirth vulva, vaginal tear left scars, so that the vaginal sex sensitivity is reduced or narrow, Caesarean mothers will also worry about the wound does not recover, sexual intercourse caused by pain, or because of lactation is not convenient for sexual intercourse psychological shadow.

Reason 4: body change, lack of self-confidence

Some postpartum new mothers often set up unnecessary psychological barriers to their inferiority complex. For example, many new mothers are very dissatisfied with the physical changes after giving birth to their children. They think that their breasts are flabby and their waistlines are getting thicker. They can’t help feeling inferior when having sex. They think that their husbands may not like their bodies as they used to. Therefore, they are very resistant to their husband’s intimate behavior and gradually become disgusted with sex.


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