For many women, childbearing is an important stage of life. But at the same time, modern women have higher requirements for themselves. The popularity of many star hot mothers and post-90s hot mothers can illustrate this point. New mothers all hope to keep their exquisite posture in the same way before and after childbirth.

At this time, postpartum care is very important. Women in postpartum, physical and psychological changes will take place, so postpartum rest and rest has a decisive role in the physical recovery of new mothers. But how to recuperate correctly? How is the most conducive to the recovery of postpartum mothers? Those taboos are absolutely unavoidable for postpartum mothers? Come and see with me!

I. Life Taboos

Postpartum uncontrolled sexual life

Postpartum is an important stage for mothers to recover, and sexual organs also have a sense of imbalance. It is generally recommended to start having sex 8 weeks after delivery, provided that the mother’s health returns to normal. At the same time, for the sake of the body, avoid intense action and frequent sexual life.

Nursing Taboos

1. Postpartum mothers are forbidden to use unqualified sanitary napkins

After delivery, the new mother’s birth canal will flow out as menstrual blood secretion, namely lochia. In addition, postpartum perineum will feel pain and swelling, at this time to choose the right regular sanitary napkin for maternal physical and mental health is essential.

2. No shampooing and bathing after delivery

The older generation has a saying that you can’t wash your hair immediately after delivery. In fact, the reason is that in the old days there were insufficient warming measures, fearing that postpartum mothers with low resistance would get sick with a cold. But in modern times, as long as you keep warm enough, shampoo and shower are healthier. Because women’s postpartum breast milk, lower body lochia, more than usual need more attention to health. And cleaning helps promote systemic blood circulation and help restore physical strength.

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Page 1: Postpartum Restoration Taboos

Page 2: Postpartum Restoration Nursing Taboos

Page 3: Restoring dietary taboos after delivery


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