After the baby is born, the new parents will have sexual intercourse and begin to pay attention to contraception. There are many contraceptive measures, but the following four are very dangerous for new parents, it is easy to make “life” again. Parents who adopt the following four contraceptive methods, I suggest that if they suspect that they have the possibility of pregnancy, they should rush to the hospital to have a check-up, and change to a safer way of contraception at the same time! uuuuuuu

Contraception during lactation

When a mother enters lactation after giving birth to her baby, because the anterior pituitary gland secretes a large amount of prolactin, which relatively inhibits follicle formation and can not ovulate, then “good friends” have not come. Therefore, some mothers will think that they will not be pregnant without menstruation during breast-feeding period, so they use the method of prolonging breast-feeding period as a way of postpartum contraception, in fact, this view is very wrong.

International studies have found that breast-feeding contraception should be carried out under the condition of complete breast-feeding in order to effectively contraceptive, otherwise the probability of contraceptive failure will increase.

The five principles of complete lactation:

(1) breastfeeding only within 4-6 months after delivery;

(2) infants should be suckling at any time during the day or night when they are hungry.

(3) when you add food, breastfeed, then add food.

(4) when a mother or infant is ill, she must insist on breastfeeding.

(5) avoid giving baby bottles, pacifier or other imitation nipples.

If these standards are not met, it is not appropriate to use lactating contraception.

For many women, especially to work the mother, the above five requirements is very hard to do. As long as it is not fully breast-feeding, the baby’s breast-feeding will be reduced, the secretion of prolactin will be reduced, at this time the mother’s follicles began to develop, although still in lactation, menstruation has not yet come, but in fact the uterus has begun to ovulate. The recovery of postpartum menstrual cycle and ovulation function is different according to the physical condition of each person. Some mothers even begin to ovulate 28 days after birth. Therefore, it is very unreliable to adopt contraceptive methods to prolong lactation. For the mother who has not had menstruation after giving birth to her baby. Every 4-6 weeks should be taken to the hospital for a checkup. Once the “dark fetus” is discovered, timely measures should be taken to terminate pregnancy.

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