Four weeks after the baby is born, the new mother has the possibility to conceive again. If there is no appropriate protective measures to prevent accidental pregnancy, the trouble will follow. How to choose the postpartum contraceptive method? In addition to understanding the commonly used contraceptive methods, new mothers need to choose the most suitable and effective contraceptive method.

Contraceptives: high blood pressure, heart disease should not be used

Oral contraceptive is the most popular contraceptive method in the West. It can not only restore fertility at any time of contraception, but also has some therapeutic effects, that is, it can help women relieve the discomfort caused by massive blood loss and menstrual pain during menstruation. Oral contraceptives can also protect the ovary and uterus, avoid ovarian and endometrial cancer and ectopic pregnancy.

My comments:

Once you choose the oral contraceptive, you should take it from the first day of menstruation. You can’t miss it. You should take it at the same time every day, so as not to affect the contraceptive effect or cause abnormal menstruation. Women who like smoking, high blood pressure or poor heart function should not use this method. Oral contraceptives for lactating new mothers can inhibit the secretion of breast milk, so it is not recommended for this kind of people.


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