In our understanding, the default ceremony before the couple AA is “bathing”, which is mainly to clean the body, eliminate fatigue and prepare for the next sex life. Many people even start to enjoy sex with their wet hair after taking a bath. However, some experts say that having sex after taking a bath will affect the quality of sexual life. It’s healthier not to take a bath!

What the hell is going on!

Big secret: you can’t take a bath before sex

Both men and women have wrinkles outside the mucous membrane of their private parts, which is easy to breed bacteria. Every time you have sex, men’s semen and women’s vaginal mucus will stick to your private parts, and the dirt on the vaginal mouth or penis will be brought into the vagina, causing inflammation. Therefore, before and after sex, carefully clean the private parts of both men and women to prevent urogenital inflammation and block the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

But the truth is, it’s healthier not to take a bath.

        The “sixth taboo” of “seven injuries of sex” in vegetarian women’s prescription says: “when bathing with fresh breath, the head and body get wet… In order to combine Yin and Yang, wind cold will hurt, less acute abdominal pain, strong waist and spine pain, and sore limbs.” this means that bathing, especially soaking in hot water for a long time, will consume Yang in the body. Just after taking a bath, Yang can’t recover immediately, and compared with the bathroom, the bedroom is a colder environment. If the husband and wife do not pay attention to keeping warm and have sex at this time, they are easy to catch cold, causing pain in the waist, back and limbs, and even hurting the five internal organs, affecting the health of the whole body.


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