One of the problems new parents often face is contraception. They may want to try all kinds of contraception methods. However, there is a certain emphasis on the replacement of contraceptive methods. No matter from the contraceptive success rate or from the aspect of physical health, the replacement of contraceptive methods should be cautious.

Comparison of contraceptive methods after childbirth

[intrauterine ring contraception]

Principle of contraception: it is a method to place a contraceptive ring in the uterus to achieve contraception. There are several shapes of contraceptive ring, such as T shape, V shape and circle shape. There are usually two kinds of contraceptive rings with and without medicine. In short, the principle of intrauterine contraceptive ring is to change the intrauterine environment, which leads to the failure of the fertilized egg to be implanted, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Advantages and disadvantages: the advantages are long-term use, no impact on the pleasure of sexual life, good contraceptive effect. The disadvantage is that it needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, and the contraceptive ring may cause the increase or decrease of menstrual volume.

[oral short acting contraceptive]

Principle of contraception: contraceptives generally contain estrogen and progesterone. By taking this drug, a small amount of estrogen and progesterone can continuously stimulate the endometrium for a long time, thus causing changes in the endocrine axis of women and inhibiting ovarian ovulation.

Advantages and disadvantages: the advantages are good contraceptive effect, and because of its inhibition of ovarian ovulation, it can save a lot of follicles for women, delay menopause, so as to delay the aging effect. The disadvantage is that if you miss taking the pill and have a pregnancy, you must have an abortion, because the pill will affect the development of the fetus. Women who take birth control pills also need to stop the pill for six months if they want to have a baby.


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