Relieving the mistake of contraception will make love easy

Thanks to the development of medical science and technology, how lucky we are now to have contraceptives, condoms, contraceptives while loving each other… These various contraceptive methods can help you avoid mental embarrassment and physical trauma, but there are still some deep-rooted misunderstandings about contraception that may lead us to miss the opportunity!

Contraceptive Misunderstanding TOP 9 – Natural Contraception is Safe

Real situation

“Calculating Safety Period” and “IVF” are often labelled as natural contraception, which sounds good, but in fact the effect can be achieved is not complimentary. To know that women’s ovulation date is affected by many factors, not as accurate as clocks and watches, and men often have sperm into women’s vagina before ejaculation starts, so that confused pregnancy opportunities increase, this method is still safe? It is recommended to abandon this method.

Contraceptive Misconception TOP 8–Once in a while it’s okay

Real situation

Sometimes fate is so unfair, some people try to want a baby may not be able to get, some people occasionally “encounter” may blossom and bear fruit, so don’t take any chances, healthy sperm and eggs in the right time and place once they meet, it means a new life. Will be born, and if there is abnormal pregnancy will lead to very dangerous ectopic pregnancy, birth of deformed newborns, it can be seen that every time can not be ignored yo!

Contraceptive Misconception TOP 7 – Menstruation is a safe period

Real situation

Many people think that women will not be pregnant during the menstrual cycle, which is not scientific, and more importantly, because the uterus is in the period of vasospasm, hematoma formation, endometrial tissue necrosis and exfoliation, so it is easy to cause secondary infection and bleeding when excessive “intimacy” occurs. This happens, so out of love and consideration for women, please avoid housing during this period.

Contraceptive Misunderstanding TOP 6 – Condom is a barrier between husband and wife

Real situation

Today’s condoms are not the same as before, they not only become comfortable, light, breathable, and even both fragrant odor, gorgeous color, set to increase interest, contraception, maintenance and other functions in one, but also it can block many diseases transmitted by sexual intercourse between men and women, such as AIDS. Diseases, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia infection and so on, but also to prevent the formation of new cervical organisms in women.

Contraceptive Misconception TOP 5 – Drug Abortion is also a good method of contraception

Real situation

Real contraception should be prevented in the future, the so-called “avoid pregnancy”, and drug abortion is only the way to mend the death of sheep after pregnancy, so it is absolutely not the normal way of contraception, nor is it worth recommending. Now in order to protect women’s health and safety, drug abortion is required to be carried out in a regular medical unit, and before using drugs, it must be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy by B ultrasound before it can be carried out.


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