In general, postpartum sexual life is recommended to contraception, because postpartum ovulation recovery time is different from person to person.

If a woman has sufficient breast-feeding, her postpartum menstrual recovery time will be relatively late, and accordingly, her ovulation recovery will be relatively late. Generally speaking, her chances of pregnancy within a few months after delivery are not too high. However, due to the fact that everyone’s fertility recovery, that is, the recovery of ovarian function is very different, and whether breast-feeding is sufficient, it is difficult for patients to judge by themselves.

So in fact, we also see many women who are pregnant again in a short time after delivery because they do not get timely contraception. In a more serious situation, these women may be pregnant before the resumption of their first menstruation, in other words, the woman is already pregnant when she ovulates for the first time. This situation is easy to ignore. This kind of women often find themselves pregnant when their fetus is very large, and finally have to be hospitalized to induce labor, which has a great impact on women’s health.

Therefore, it is suggested that if postpartum women have sex, they should adopt some effective or efficient contraceptive measures to avoid the occurrence of unexpected pregnancy.


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