Carefully through the pregnancy, once again after the difficult “puerperium”, the couple can finally happily applaud for love.

But geese, what many mothers can’t imagine is that it’s almost half a year since they were born, and they can’t make any effort at it!

I’m still young,

Obviously, my body has recovered,

It’s clear that there’s no problem with the couple’s relationship,

Why don’t you want it?

Am I cold?

Em, I don’t know why this happened. Let me tell you!

If there is no problem in postpartum physical recovery, if the mother does not want to have sex, it is mostly because of the following two reasons——

I’m really tired

God knows how hard it is to take care of a human baby! What wakes you up from your sleep every day is no longer a dream, no longer poverty, but your own child. Crying, picking eyes, poking nose There’s always a way to wake you up. So the day of flying chicken and jumping dog began——

In addition to fighting wits and bravery to feed your baby, you should also be an excellent “baby excrement shoveling officer”. In addition, you should appease and play with your baby, clean up the “mess” behind your baby at any time, and undertake heavy housework!

If you are a working mother, you may be even more tired! Be a strong woman in the daytime and a superman in the evening. At the end of the day, I kept up with the wind machine and was very busy.

Once you’re in bed, you’ll probably just want to go out with the Duke of Zhou quickly, not pa pa!

So, in this case, in order to ignite the sexual interest of the other half, what the dads have to do is not to play many tricks learned from the Internet, but to honestly help the mothers share the heavy burden on their shoulders. When the spirit has been relaxed, physical strength has been restored, mothers have the heart to enjoy the “joy of fish and water”!

2. Worry about being ugly

It is said that time is a knife to kill pigs. In fact, it is a woman’s knife to kill pigs when she is pregnant——

Before giving birth to a baby, the clothes in the wardrobe were s-size;

After giving birth to a baby, l is still a little tight.

Before birth, the skin is tight and delicate, white and red;

After the birth of the baby, the spots, pores and fine lines are all reported, no less

Facing the belly full of stretch marks, fat and out of shape figure, and drooping breasts Many mothers will be preconceived, think that their charm is gone, inevitably appeared x cold.

To solve this problem, dads have to tell their partners frankly, “the reason why your body changes is because you have a baby. It’s a great thing. I don’t think it’s ugly.”

The other half’s love and understanding can make mothers take off their psychological defenses and heat up their relationship.

If the father is too “straight male cancer”, not only does he not understand the hardships of women, but also sneers at each other. No wonder his partner’s “sexual interest” will drop to the freezing point!


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