Finally, I have passed the postpartum recovery period and can regain my boudoir “sexual interest” with my husband. However, after experiencing a natural childbirth, the private parts became much more relaxed, and the disappointment that her husband suddenly felt couldn’t escape the sensitive eyes of women. Even oneself cannot find the feeling of “fulfillment” of the past.

Why does it become loose

1) Natural childbirth has caused many changes in your private area, including changes in the muscles inside the vagina, tearing or lateral incision of the perineum, causing varying degrees of damage, widening of the pelvic ligaments, and widening of the vaginal opening.

2) During natural childbirth, as the baby is delivered through the vagina, the normal diameter of the baby’s head is about 10 centimeters, while the normal diameter of the mother’s vagina is 2.5 centimeters. Therefore, after the baby’s compression, the mother’s vagina significantly expands, causing birth injury, complete damage to muscles and hymen marks, and decreased elasticity, which can cause vaginal relaxation. The situation is even more severe for mothers who have undergone several deliveries.

1. Bedding

1) Lie on your back with your hips behind the edge of the bed, legs straight out in the air, not touching the ground. Hold your hands on the edge of the bed to prevent slipping. Fold your legs together and slowly lift them up. Extend your knees straight towards the upper body. When your legs are raised above your body, hold them with your hands and lean them against your abdomen. Keep your knees straight, then slowly lower them and return your legs to their original position. Repeat this process 6 times, for 10-15 minutes, once a day.

2) Lie flat on the bed with feet shoulder width apart; Bend both knees to make the calves vertical; Raise the buttocks as high as possible; At this point, bring the separated knees closer for 3 seconds, then slowly separate the knees and gently lower the hips, doing about 10 times each time.

3) Lying flat on the bed, take a deep breath with your nose, and your abdomen will gradually bulge; Slowly exhale and relax the abdominal muscles, doing 5-10 times at a time.

2. Life Chapter

4) Every morning and evening in a place with fresh air, inhale deeply, then hold your breath, tighten your anus for 10-15 seconds, then exhale deeply, relax your anus, and repeat this process. After getting used to it, you can do it in your daily life, not just the number of times. If you have time, you can do the above exercises. After a certain amount of training, the tension of the pelvic muscles will greatly improve, and the muscles around the vagina will become plump and powerful. Vaginal relaxation can be cured without medicine.

5) When taking the subway or bus stop, you can also leisurely engage in private sports. Slightly separate your legs, contract the buttocks muscles on both sides to grip each other, bring them closer to your thighs, turn your knees outward, and then contract the anal sphincter to move the vagina upwards. When exercising, walking or standing, consciously tighten the muscles on the inner thighs and perineum, then relax and repeat the exercise.

6) Perform urination interruption exercise while urinating. Consciously hold the urine for a few seconds halfway through urination, endure not urinating, and let the urine interrupt. After a brief pause, continue urinating. After repeated exercise for a period of time, the tension of the muscles around the vagina can be increased, and the vagina narrows. When you have a bowel movement, hold your stool and perform anal lifting exercises. Doing this exercise regularly can also effectively exercise the pelvic muscles and help the vagina recover tightness as soon as possible.

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