Once heard such a saying: lactation sexual intercourse will not be pregnant, in other words, lactation new mother will not ovulate. I insist on opposing this statement, because there is a living example around to prove that there is no scientific basis for the statement that “sexual intercourse during lactation will not lead to pregnancy“. New parents in postpartum Pa Pa Pa, contraceptive measures or to do enough, so as not to bring unnecessary harm to the body has not yet recovered new mother.

Postpartum contraception should not be ignored

Theoretically, there is a possibility of pregnancy from the third week after delivery, so you have to start taking contraceptive measures from this time. At this time, there may be egg discharge, which is earlier than the first menstruation after delivery. If you have been breastfeeding your baby, the probability of pregnancy is usually very low, but breastfeeding is definitely not a safe contraceptive method. However, the postpartum mother’s uterine condition has not yet recovered, so it is not recommended to have sex too early. It is best to decide whether to start sex after combining the new mother’s physical recovery and examination report.


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