During pregnancy, for the safety of the baby, the father to be and mother to be will be very cautious about sex, and even the whole pregnancy is just a couple’s life. After childbirth, when can the uncontrollable new parents safely rekindle the passion before pregnancy?

As we all know, the mother’s body will have a repair period after childbirth, and the couple’s life should not be carried out too early. And the recovery period of spontaneous delivery and caesarean section is different, and everyone’s physique is also different. You might as well ask the doctor for advice on whether you can restore sexual life after postpartum examination.

Generally speaking, the recovery of sexual life after childbirth should be determined according to the mode of production:

Mothers who give birth naturally have great physiological changes, especially the changes and trauma of reproductive organs after pregnancy and childbirth. It must take a period of time to return to normal. Under normal circumstances, it takes 6-8 weeks to fully recover. Therefore, after 42 days postpartum examination, the doctor can carry out husband and wife life after confirming that they have recovered.

For the mother of cesarean section, in the sixth week after cesarean section, the mother and baby should have a comprehensive examination. If the examination is normal, the husband and wife’s life can be restored, but we must pay attention to the gentle movement. And everyone’s postpartum recovery is different. If their constitution is weak, the recovery period will be longer, and they need to follow the doctor’s instructions.

So, what else is worth noting about postpartum sexual intercourse?

► be gentle and feel gentle love

We all know that it hurts when we have sex for the first time. That kind of pain makes girls shy and excited. But in fact, the first time postpartum sexual intercourse, the pain is much more than that time.

Some mothers worry that sex will tear the wound, so they are afraid of sex. In fact, it’s not necessary. The perineal wound usually heals within two weeks after delivery, and we don’t usually have lateral resection now. Excessive fear and emotional tension will make the vaginal muscles contract and hurt more.

For the first time after childbirth, the husband must pay attention to foreplay and let the wife relax. Move gently and don’t be too rude.

If she is really uncomfortable, don’t be anxious. She won’t be afraid if she tries a few more times. If the vagina is too dry, you can use some lubricant to avoid her fear.

► stop at one point to avoid overwork

The birth of a new life requires parents to spend a lot of energy. Mothers have to feed, change diapers and tidy up. They don’t have to rest day and night. Lack of sleep will consume physical strength, affect mood and cause low sexual desire.

Sometimes the husband is in love and wants to make love. As soon as the wife turns her head and goes to sleep, everyone has no sexual interest. This is a worrying thing.

The husband and wife can create an atmosphere and settle the baby. Don’t interrupt the good things of the two at the critical moment, which can easily lead to the loss of interest of the husband.

► learn tips to improve the quality of sexual life

Do pregnant women’s yoga before delivery to make the production more smooth and shorten the time of labor; Try to control the baby’s weight and make the vagina bear less tension during production; Practice holding urine, lifting anus and contracting Yin, and exercise pelvic floor muscles.

Some mothers feel hard and swollen in the perineum for a long time after delivery. They can wash and massage the perineum with warm water when taking a bath to promote scar softening.

If it’s a Caesarean mother, don’t lose confidence because of that long scar. Pick up your confidence and enjoy your long lost husband and wife life.

Warm tip: don’t think you don’t need contraception if your postpartum menstruation hasn’t come yet!

In theory, from the third week after delivery, sexual intercourse is likely to be pregnant. Don’t think you won’t be pregnant without menstruation.

Non lactating women can resume ovulation 40-50 days postpartum, incomplete lactating women can resume ovulation between 3-8 months postpartum, and fully lactating women can also have a pregnancy rate of more than 2%.

Taking appropriate contraceptive methods is very necessary for the health of mothers and nursing babies. The preferred method of postpartum contraception is male condom, which can not save money.


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