After a long period of sex freezing, new parents can finally “love” freely. Unfortunately, because of the special reasons of the new mother’s postpartum body, sometimes some situations are not suitable for sexual intercourse, to avoid oh.

New parents should avoid the following situations when having sex

Don’t be tired of sex

Sexual life to consume a certain amount of physical strength and energy, mental or physical fatigue, sexual life often can not reach the climax, receive the satisfactory effect of both sides. Especially how to take the child tired or new mother body has not recovered immediately have sex, will damage health.

Don’t be in a bad mood

Some couples are reluctant to have sex when one side is in a bad mood, not only can not get the harmony of sex life, but also make the bad mood side produce antipathy. If it happens repeatedly, it will lead to the woman’s apathy or the man’s impotence.

Don’t have sex during menstruation

New mother menstruation period, the cervix is open, when sexual intercourse is very easy to infection, leading to inflammation of the uterus or accessories.

Don’t drink and have sex

In fact, after drinking, especially after drinking a lot of strong liquor, it will lead to the man’s penile erection is not strong or premature ejaculation, hindering the harmonious sexual life; And getting pregnant after drinking can endanger the fetus.

Don’t think men are superior to women

In the sexual life, the man does whatever he wants, does not listen to or does not respect the woman’s self-esteem, which not only damages the couple’s feelings, but also makes the woman gradually produce a sense of disgust, eventually leading to sexual apathy, and then causes the rupture of the relationship between husband and wife.


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