After giving birth to a baby, many mothers complain privately that sex life is not as good as before. After having the baby, all the thoughts are put on the baby. The couple are tired of taking care of the baby every day. They don’t have much time and energy to think about other things, so their life is naturally delayed. How can we improve this situation and let new parents regain their old passion?

Mothers make complaints about their sexual life after Tucao.

Mom onion: I’m not interested in it. Every time I prepare to do it, I feel so nervous and painful that I don’t have the mood to take care of my children every day!

Sharon: I didn’t have sexual intercourse for half a year after birth. It was a big shadow in my heart at that time. My husband thought it was a little bit too.

Jun Jun’s mother: four months after delivery, I have tried sex three times without success. Every time, I feel very painful and can’t continue. I’m worried.

@ Fangfang: after giving birth to a baby, I don’t know why. My husband doesn’t think about it any more. It’s me who gave birth to the baby. How do you feel it’s him who has sequelae?

In fact, after giving birth to a baby, many couples will encounter similar problems. So what should novice parents do to change this situation?

▍ what do new mothers do to get back to sex?

For the sake of postpartum sex life, the new mother can make some changes, find the sexual interest, let the passion rekindle! Let’s see what the new mother can do!

1. Let your body recover as soon as possible

Postpartum mothers are not interested in sex, which may be because the body has not yet fully recovered. At this time, the new mother needs to recuperate through diet and other aspects and reasonable physical exercise to recover as soon as possible. If necessary, they can go to the hospital for medical treatment.

2. Arrange the time reasonably

The new mother is busy taking care of her baby every day. When she stops, she already feels very tired and has no more extra energy. If this is the case, the new mother needs to reasonably arrange the time, while taking care of the baby, also want to find the opportunity to rest, so that their physical strength will not be consumed too much.

3. Communicate with your husband more

Husband and wife should communicate more, even if it’s sex, if not, the problem is very difficult to solve. Husband and wife should exchange ideas more with each other. Maybe the obstacles in front of them will be removed soon, and the psychological pressure will also be removed.

▍ what can a new dad do to improve sex?

The new mother is trying to find sexual interest, and the new father can also work hard for the sexual life between husband and wife. Let’s have a look at it, improve the sex interest, what the new dad can do!

Give your wife enough time

Although hold for a long time, but also do not rush for a while, please give the wife enough time, let her body can completely recover, otherwise, the failure of the first postpartum life, it is easier for the wife to leave psychological shadow, affect the future sexual life.

2. Foreplay

In the special stage of postpartum, the husband should restrain his desire, do foreplay, give more caresses, mobilize his wife’s emotions, and let her feel strong love, rather than a simple and crude direct attack. When foreplay is enough, both sides can easily get sexual satisfaction and love quality is higher.

3. Be gentle

Postpartum some mothers will feel pain when they love, which may be caused by physical factors or psychological factors. At this time, the new father must not be anxious, to his wife to be gentle, let her slowly re adapt to life.

4. Active contraception

If postpartum mothers need to breastfeed, it is not suitable to take contraceptives, but postpartum contraceptive work can not be done ah, at this time, the new father should take the initiative to wear a contraceptive, not just for their own good, and regardless of the wife’s body.


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