I want to remind the new mothers who have just given birth to a baby: because your body has not fully recovered, it is not the best time to have sexual intercourse and have a second baby at this time. Therefore, postpartum sex life must pay attention to contraception to prevent the baby from giving you “surprise”. But contraception should also use the right methods. Don’t use the following wrong postpartum contraception, you know?

Ha ha Da’s postpartum contraceptive method

Lactation contraception

Some people believe that women do not menstruate during lactation, so even if they have sex, they will not get pregnant. Experts said that although many pregnant women resume ovulation only two or three months after delivery, restoring their sexual life without taking any measures is likely to lead to “dark fetus”.

Non lactating mothers usually resume ovulation after one month postpartum, that is, non lactating mothers will menstruate about two months postpartum.

Even if you don’t have menstruation, it doesn’t mean that women don’t ovulate. If you don’t take contraceptives, it’s easy to conceive of a “dark fetus”.

Just after the pregnancy in October, the female body has not recovered and is pregnant with the next child. Many women have to drag their delicate body for induced abortion, which is very harmful to the female body. Therefore, contraception should also be used during lactation.


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