The first time is not always beautiful, such as the first fall, the first lost, the first scolded, the first lovelorn, the first postpartum love is not successful…

After the first love, they say –

Watermelon Mother: After the baby was born, I loved him for the first time in 5 months. At first, my husband did some foreplay. He felt a little bit. When he came in, he said he was still tight and slippery. Then I let him wear a condom and it dried up.

Mother Apple: I loved my husband for the first time two months after giving birth. As a result, I felt the pain was too bad to go in. I smeared lubricant and brought a condom with me. No way, root! Ben! Go in! No way!

Strawberry Mom: The first time I was so excited after giving birth, I had a lot of foreplay with my husband, but when it came to the climax, the baby started crying, and I got up and hugged the baby out of a natural reaction, and then, you know…

How much more or less the first unsuccessful experience of postpartum love can make a couple lose interest in sex, swollen or broken? Start with flirting tips.

It is said that flirting couples are not too bad in sex.

Postpartum can finally “open meat”, and husband re-ignite passion, but many couples have difficulties, in fact, more flirting, less urgent monkeys, your “communication” will be more smooth oh.

1, dress provocative

Many new mothers are not confident in their postnatal obesity, which leads to passive love. In fact, if you want to believe in your husband’s love for yourself, you may as well buy a set of fun clothes to cover up the shortcomings of your body, and to increase the atmosphere, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

2. usage code

Some couples use a “special” language that only two people can understand, which is appropriate and not embarrassing, and which gives you a richer imagination about your sexual life. For example, “work today,” “husband, I miss you so much.” there are fewer radishes in the “farmland” pit.

3. watch a little movie

Don’t play with each other after you take a bath. You might as well watch a little movie together. When you see a touching scene, quietly hugging her waist, gently offering a gentle kiss, to regain the feeling of love, is it very sentimental? In this way, the feelings gradually warmed up, everything will be canal.

4. gentle massage

Don’t go straight to the topic at first. You might as well give him a gentle massage. With the music on, let the husband lie very relaxed, give him a press on the shoulders, thump the back, so that the day’s tired body at this moment to relax, not only help to improve sexual interest, but also help the husband alleviate physical fatigue oh.

5. sweet kiss

In the foreplay of sexual life, the touch of the body plays a key role. Try touching him gently with your mouth, such as ears, glasses, eyebrows, throat knots, nipples, waist, and then down (10,000 words omitted here) these tender touches can quickly make him angry and arouse the woman at the same time.

6. praise him for being “amazing.”

Don’t doubt, praise is also a way of flirting, everyone likes to listen to sweet words, your praise can not help his heart to bloom, a compliment will bring him endless confidence and vitality. Every time he succeeds, you can give him warm encouragement and praise, such as “Honey, how wonderful you are!” “Honey, how handsome you are” so that you can have a better and more harmonious sex life.

Postpartum love for the first time 3 needs


Husbands need to take into account that their wives have just recovered and that the number of postpartum sexual intercourse should be reduced appropriately. Don’t be a “man seven times a night” or a “song of the night”. Don’t let your wife bear too much. In short, when having sexual intercourse after childbirth, it should be moderate.

Be gentle

Nowadays, many women who give birth naturally undergo lateral incision, which requires stitches and a period of recovery. Although the thread has been removed, some care is needed to prevent the risk of re-opening. Therefore, the first postpartum love, the movement should be gentle, to control the strength, to prevent the occurrence of vaginal rupture.


Focus! Postpartum women, usually after normal menstruation will ovulate, there is an ovulation on behalf of the opportunity to pregnancy, if this time did not do a good job of contraception, is likely to be pregnant again. And just give birth to the mother, the uterus needs a period of time to rest, in order to the health of the new mother, love to do a good job when postpartum contraceptive work oh.


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