Autumn is a good season to eat grapefruit, but the wechat circle of friends crazy spread “eating grapefruit contraceptive failure? Don’t take these drugs with grapefruit… “, which makes many parents stop looking at grapefruit. But I still say that. The rumors about the Internet still need to be studied before they can be believed.

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No, experts have come out to refute the rumor. This article is taken out of context and unscientific. Article grapefruit does not “block” with contraceptives. What will “block” with drugs is grapefruit, not the honey grapefruit and blood grapefruit we often eat.

Moreover, although grapefruit is compatible with drugs, it can enhance the effect of contraceptives. Contraceptives are mainly hormonal drugs, which need to be catabolized by “CYP3A4” metabolic enzymes. When you eat with grapefruit, the furacoumarin in grapefruit will inhibit the production of human CYP3A4. If there is less CYP3A4 metabolic enzyme, the drug metabolism will be slow, and the human blood drug concentration will increase. Therefore, in theory, the efficacy of contraceptives will be enhanced.

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