Many maternal after a period of time in postpartum care, perineal wound is already healed, but in the first sexual life, there will be wound dehiscence, bleeding. Originally a good moment of joy, suddenly turned into a silent pain. Why?

Experts analyze when to start the first postpartum sex

It’s about time to get back to sex

The wound of perineal incision usually takes 7 days to heal, and the suture is removed. At this time, the perineal surface tissue is healed, but the deep muscle layer and fascia need 6-8 weeks to be repaired. If the early recovery of sexual life, can lead to wound dehiscence, bleeding.

It is related to maternal general condition

When the maternal suffering from anemia, malnutrition or vaginal perineal inflammation, can delay the healing of perineal wound.

It’s related to the suture of the wound

In addition to the perineal epidermis sutured with silk thread, the inner muscle and subcutaneous fat layer were sutured with catgut suture. Because the absorption of human tissue catgut has obvious individual differences, and the quality of catgut, whether the perineum is strictly disinfected and other problems, it will also affect the absorption of human tissue.

Of course, because the man’s wife in late pregnancy, puerperium abstinence time is longer, once the husband and wife life, often fierce action, it is easy to cause perineal tissue damage, bleeding, dehiscence.

Therefore, postpartum must wait until the perineal wound completely healed before the recovery of sexual life. When having sex for the first time, the husband’s action should be gentle. Once the husband and wife’s life is restored or vaginal bleeding is found after sex, he should see a doctor immediately. Don’t stop bleeding hastily because of “embarrassment”, so as not to delay the treatment.

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