What can a condom do? Shame and shame! Believe that everyone on earth knows! But besides this main use, can you think of what condoms can be used for? For example, waterproof footwear for rainy days… What! What about condoms? Today I decided to open your eyes and count the 10 wonderful uses of condoms.

Live long! Ten Kinds of Wonderful Use of Condoms

1. “Shoe Cover” Artifact

On rainy days, the most annoying thing is that your shoes are in water and your feet are wet. Although it is not expensive to buy a pair of shoes, but who wears shoes every day in the bag, and wet shoes in the bag will dirty the bag, it is really a headache. Instead of worrying about it, try putting some condoms in your bag. It’s small and light. If you take them out on a rainy day, they will be a pair of good rainproof shoes.

2. “Hemostasis” artifact

Outdoor mountaineering and outdoor outing may encounter various dangers. If sudden injury and bleeding occur, refer to the operation method of tourniquet used by doctors when drawing blood in hospitals, and use condom as tourniquet to help stop bleeding in time.

3. Water intake and water holding artifacts

Don’t look at condom puppies. In fact, it can hold 1-2 liters of water, sometimes more. In the absence of adequate water sources, a small pit can be dug in the ground at night, with a container in the center of the pit. Place the condom flat on the pit mouth, press the surrounding area with soil, and place a small stone on the condom to make it inverted cone.

The cold air at night condenses the water vapor rising in the pit into droplets on the condom, which accumulate and drip into the container. In order to increase water vapor, more leaves and grass can be put in the pit. In theory, 0.5-1 liters of distilled water can be harvested in the morning.

4. Use as a magnifying glass

What if there is no fire in the field? Drilling wood for fire? A condom with water in a spherical shape is a super magnifying glass that can be used to focus the sun on a fire.

5. Sealed artifacts

Bamboo barrels or other canned containers of cured meat can be sealed with condoms to deteriorate food in order to prevent air from entering, and the sealing effect is good.

6. Fire-making artifacts

Because the condom material is unique and its flammability is relatively high, it can be used as a ignition.

7. “Hunting” artifacts

Put a pebble in the condom, and then tie a rope, so that the three knots are tied together at the end. When you see ostriches or other long-legged, long-necked birds and animals, you try to throw them out. The three hammers spin fast in the air and rush to the prey and tie them up. (Of course, this is just about the wonderful use of condoms, not to encourage people to really practice!)

8. “Life-saving” airbag

Condoms and balloons are very similar, and the air tightness is even better than balloons, if necessary, blow up a few condoms, then tie together with ropes, it can be a simple life-saving bag. It can be used as a lifebuoy in water or as a shock absorber on land. When camping in the field, take a bag of clothes and coats. It can also be a comfortable air cushion bed and pillow.

9. Drug Addictors

After being bitten by a snake, cover the condom and use the mouth to take drugs, which makes the rescuers much safer.

10. Waterproof sleeve for mobile phone

Put the cell phone and electronic products into the condom, and the jaw will become a simple waterproof condom, without affecting the function of button answering, which is the cheapest and convenient waterproof condom. Hee hee! Just ask you if you dare to use it! ___________

In addition to mobile phones, underwear, matches lighter, biscuits and other things that need moisture-proof and moisture-proof can also be put in water-proof oh.

After reading my “popular science”, did I lose my chin? After all, in ordinary life, few people will use condom as a shoe cover, and no one will regard it as a “life-saving” airbag. Only when they do something indescribable, they will use it. Have you noticed some important details in use?

Details of proper use of condoms

>> Have you checked the date of production? Condoms do not expire as easily as food and beverage, but they also have a shelf life. Over time, rubber aging, the quality of natural decline. At present, the market condom shelf life is generally 3-5 years, but more than 2 years after the factory, it is recommended not to use.

Condoms should be kept in dry and cool places, avoid oil contact, avoid sunshine and humidity, and do not put together with camphor.

>> After opening the outer package, check the condom carefully. Is the burning firewood already in a hurry to use it after it has been taken out? Keep in mind that when you take out the package, you must carefully check whether it is cracked, hardened, brittle, sticky and so on. If there are similar situations, it is recommended to discard it. Otherwise, the consequences can only be borne by oneself.

>> There is a seminal vesicle on the condom. Before putting on the condom, it must be pinched flat and the air is discharged. Otherwise, the first is that intense exercise is easy to break, and the second is that air inside can easily make condoms fall off.

>> After ejaculation, you should immediately squeeze the root of the condom and pull it out, otherwise the semen in the condom will easily enter the female body, causing unnecessary trouble.

>> Condoms are disposable and cannot be reused once they are unpacked and worn. Now is not the era of material scarcity, recycling such “thrifty” or save it!


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