AA is said to be a kind of physical activity, and the amount of exercise can not be inferior to an aerobic exercise. What common postures have great pleasure and fitness effects? Let’s take a look today.

Seven Postures of Sexual Welfare and Fitness

1. Shortcut

Benefits: Losing weight

You have a lot of chances to make a surprise attack — watching TV, answering the phone — while she is watching TV. When you are unprepared. This unexpected excitement will make you crazier, consuming up to 120 calories every 30 minutes, and 40 calories more if you climax – close to the marathon!

2. Side Progressive

Benefits: Exercise pelvic floor muscles

One of the key factors determining ejaculation intensity is the pubococcygeal muscle, which is responsible for preventing urination. Every day you just need to stop and relax several times in the middle of your urine. By practicing contraction and relaxation, you can increase its strength. Of course, the better way is to exercise through side-in sex. When she is lying on her side, enter from behind and contract and relax your pubococcygeal muscles so that she reaches orgasm. The stronger your pubococcygeal muscles are, the stronger the pleasure will be.

3. Female Superior Style

Benefits: Exercise abdominal and lumbar muscles

97 But as you get more involved, you will jump up involuntarily, and your waist and abdomen muscles will be effectively exercised.

4. Missionary Style

Benefits: Exercise the pectoral muscles

Actually, the pleasure of making love does not depend on the fantastic auxiliary equipment such as suspension and bundling. The simplest and most traditional man-up-and-woman-down style is still the most widely used and frequently used position. It enables direct face-to-face communication between the two sides, but it also requires you to continue more than 100 push-ups, because this position is for the pectoral, deltoid and biceps muscles, biceps, etc. Triceps have higher requirements.

5. backward type

Benefits: Hip muscles

  ★双手握住她的胯部以便调整位置,挺入时收紧胸腹肌肉,外出时则收紧臀部肌肉。 If you don’t feel able to support your legs, you can squat, which is easier and harder than kneeling.

Types 6 and 69

Benefits: Exercise facial muscles

9733 Meat can be exercised without worrying about its flabbiness.

7. Standing Style

Benefits: Leg muscles, biceps, triceps

  ★这的确对身体素质要求高了点,但优点是随时随地享受激情。 Hold her hips in both hands and let her wrap her legs around your crotch so that your legs can share some of her weight. Use your ankle strength to attack and stick to it.

Baoma’s Private Words: Which Posture Is the Easiest to Pregnant

1. Postposition

The posterior position ensures that the husband’s penis is as close to the uterus as possible, because it is the most in-depth angle. When the husband inserts from behind, whether lying down or kneeling, he can make the sperm close to the cervix and help fertilize.

2. Back position

The back is like this: the wife raises her buttocks, reveals her pudenda, the husband embraces her waist from the back, and lets the penis insert from the back. With this sexual position, because the penis and vagina are in the same direction, the reproductive organs of the two men can be smoothly combined together, and the husband’s testicles also have the opportunity to stimulate his wife’s clitoris, thus arousing his wife’s pleasure, and ultimately reaching orgasm, allowing sperm to swim faster.

3. Buckling position

The flexion position is to make the wife’s vagina and bed at a vertical angle, and make the vaginal orifice wide open, while the husband and wife maintain a non-parallel posture, and try to have sexual intercourse in a vertical manner. At this time, the wife can put her feet on her husband’s shoulders to facilitate sexual intercourse. Because the vagina is 90 degrees from the bed, the semen ejected by men is not easy to flow out of the vagina, so it is the best position to conceive.


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