Speak quickly, say late, postpartum belongs to our first lover and quietly arrived! Although these days after childbirth are busy with dolls, the couple even have no private time, but the arrival of Valentine’s Day, or unspeakable small expectations!

Yes, no matter how busy the couple are, the first Valentine’s Day after childbirth is a time that many couples must not miss to regain their warmth. Simply give the child to the care of the elderly at home. Two people have a sweet and loving Valentine’s day.

1. how important is postnatal contraception and sexual intercourse?

It’s hard for a couple to live in a world where many people are eager to try, but forget that the peak period of pregnancy is again after childbirth. It’s not appropriate to conceive again to a recovering mother, especially a cesarean section woman, after two years.

What should I do?

Postpartum contraception can not be less. In addition to using condoms and trying to choose a safe period for sexual intercourse, it is also important to choose some positions that reduce the risk of pregnancy.

If you want to have a baby before you get pregnant, you can easily conceive in a supine position with a man on top and a woman on the back. This position allows the semen to be ejected around the cervical orifice. When the cervical orifice is immersed in the semen pool, the sperm can easily enter the uterus.

The postures can be adjusted.

First, avoid direct pressure. Traditional male and female lower body positions are unfavorable for postpartum female wound, especially for caesarean section women.

The two is to adopt a posture that is not suitable for conception.

2. these new postures are not easy to conceive.

Stand upright. This way of breaking the bed restrictions, standing posture will bring great stimulation to the Yin Emperor, more importantly, standing is the most difficult position to conceive sexual intercourse. Because in this position, the new mother’s genital organs droop, vaginal opening, most semen after sexual intercourse with the penis out of the body, the pregnancy rate is extremely low.

Sitting posture. This is a way to stimulate novelty and reduce the chance of conception. If the new parents can cooperate with each other, adopt the above sexual posture, can not only get the satisfaction of sexual life, but also reduce the chance of conception, is really kill two birds with one stone.

Lateral position. Postpartum sexual intercourse contraception can consider the use of lateral posture, because postpartum new mothers are more prone to droop genital organs, vaginal opening, after sexual intercourse, the vast majority of semen can be extracted from the male genitals and out, reducing the pregnancy rate.

3. passions, don’t forget to be gentle.

After all, postpartum female wounds are still recovering, to prevent genital trauma, the couple also need to pay attention to, especially the husband must avoid simple and rough, to be gentle, more gentle oh!

Postpartum vagina is dry and astringent, vaginal mucosa is also very fragile, at this time the husband should pay attention to more considerate wife, in sexual intercourse, appropriate to adopt a more gentle posture, as far as possible gentle movement, more caress to the wife, as far as possible to eliminate psychological barriers. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid excessive posture, if the movement is too large, may cause laceration of the vagina, leading to bleeding.

“Sex must be moderate. Postpartum recovery of sexual intercourse, not excessive, action should be gentle. Postpartum lactation is inhibited by ovarian function, and follicles in the ovary are still. This static and undeveloped follicle is impossible to produce estrogen. Vaginal mucosa lacking estrogen is not only thin but also fragile and inelastic.

After childbirth, women have poor disease resistance, and there are still wounds in the genital tract that have not been completely healed. So in sexual intercourse, pay attention to maintaining reproductive health, especially the male genitals must be sure to clean, before sexual intercourse, it is best to wash with warm water clean, women in the couple after life should pay attention to cleaning the pudenda, in order to avoid causing infection.

The postural method mentioned above is only to reduce the chance of conception, not to say that it will not be pregnant, so it is necessary to take postpartum contraceptive measures to avoid continuous harm to the body, avoid refusing to contraception for the sake of temporary comfort ah!

Finally, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day.


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